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Alias Wayne – “Chaperon” – Single Review

Interesting! Obviously the cover art suggests our hero Alias Wayne has been joined by Alias Jayne somewhere on this single…though I’m not sure if this is as the inspiration or actual inspiration. I can see social media posts that indicate “Chaperon” is the “final single from my recent BAND OF RANDYS release” – which is indeed a split-single, and not another side project from solo artist Ranzel X Kendrick, who is the dude at the center of this band Alias Wayne.

I can see a copy of it online with a couple tracks on its playlist…neither of them seem to be “Chaperon.” Everybody still with me? Goin’ through all this information makes it sound like I should take a roll-call, yet it all circles back to Ranzel at the heart of it. The real truth is that we’re all in the same boat essentially…sometimes we know all the ingredients in the mix, sometimes we don’t – at the end of the day, I’m just here to tell ya about the tasty tunes I find.

Ranzel’s always had a gift for making music that’s connects quickly, and he’s almost always achieved the impact he makes with fairly minimal ingredients. Sparkling acoustic guitars, maybe some percussion like you’ll find here on “Chaperon,” and if he’s feelin’ frisky, maybe he’ll add a little more for ya like the personality you’ll find in the keys added to this tune. Other than that, the man works his magic by ensuring that his performances & production is always on-point & professional, and safely relying on the innate charm he has.

Every time I end up listening to something this dude does, which I have several times throughout the years here on our pages, I always feel mesmerized by the easygoing vibes he creates and come out feeling like Ranzel’s got a really good life carved out for himself in behind the scenes. If the theme of “Chaperon” & the artwork that comes along with it are any indication, I’d reckon that’s likely the truth…and ultimately, I feel like this guy could roll right out of bed and fall onto a song. I dig artists out there in this scene that can really make you believe they eat, sleep, and breathe music; this dude has always struck me as the kind of man that’s found his way off the grid to live life as it should be. It’s the organic & natural sound of Alias Wayne & all of what Ranzel creates that resonates so much.

As reliable as ever, “Chaperon” is pretty straightforward in the sense that, if you dig what Alias Wayne does or what Ranzel comes up with, it’s safe to say you’re on solid ground and somewhat know what to expect. He’s givin’ ya more of what you love here, and rightly so – he’s got his thing & signature style of laidback vibes goin’ on, and I’d wager a guess that he’s far from done exploring the depths of all it has to offer. Heck – there’s a real good chance Kendrick will outlive us all, and be the last man standing on the beaches of Costa Rica rocking his acoustic guitar.

At the very least, there’s something genuinely timeless about the music he makes and how remarkably accessible it all is…how willingly we listen to him sing & play…he’s got the kind of authentic X-factor you really can’t teach, it’s just a part of Ranzel’s own DNA. People tend to regard the ‘X-factor’ as having to be this big, overblown, sensationalized thing when it comes to music & entertainment…but that’s never been the case in reality. In reality, it’s artists like our friend Ranzel here, who have the ability to captivate an entire room full of listeners with a simple guitar & his voice…the artists that can’t help but stand out for all the right reasons, no matter how subtle the vibe may be.

“Chaperon” is a stellar example of all of what I’m tellin’ ya about Ranzel in action…the man really doesn’t make mistakes when it comes time to push record and he makes the most of every second you hear by ensuring the ingredients he’s using in the recipe give the sauce that extra lovin’ it deserves. It’s pleasant, it’s inviting, it’s sweet, and it’s as natural & easygoing as a tune can be – Alias Wayne does it again with “Chaperon” & delivers mellow entertainment that remains as relentlessly addictive as ever.

Listen to more music by Alias Wayne at Spotify here:


An artist who has drawn praise for his gritty, rock’n’roll vocals and bold melodic charms, Ranzel X Kendrick, AKA, Alias Wayne, is a singer and songwriter like few others. With a growing discography that is filled with stellar emotive anthems, there’s never been a dull moment for Alias Wayne or his fans, and today, with the release of new single ‘Chaperon’, he’s added another impressive cut to his ever-evolving setlist.

A romantic new single that is filled with love, life, and devotion, ‘Chaperon’ is a tasteful guitar track that knows its boundaries and plays to its strengths, stitching together a warm melodic sound that pulls you in and holds you close. Vocally, it’s an impressive showcase of the range and authenticity that Alias Wayne has become known for, while the instrumentals flow freely, drifting in and out of focus with a unique sense of wonder.

Mixed and mastered to perfection, the song shines with heart, and it's this feeling, rather than the overall quality of the track that really holds your focus. A little bit country, but with a dash of folk and Americana, ‘Chaperon’ breaks through several tight-knit genres, creating a dynamic sound that will appeal to almost anyone.

Along with the release, Alias Wayne also shared his inspiration before the track and its accompanying lyric video, stating, “This is a light-hearted fun song video about shaking loose of the status quo and getting out into the world to explore and enjoy the release of taking a little time off with someone you love.”

‘Chaperon’ revels in a gentle flow and quiet emotion, making its mark in the most human of ways. You can stream the new single today on all major platforms, and make sure you check out more of Alias Wayne’s releases on his website.


Beach Sloth

Alias Wayne – Chaperon

March 10, 2022

Alias Wayne offers a truly swinging style on the giddy sound of “Chaperon”. His vocal delivery features a sly nod with a deft sense of humor. The good vibes that radiate from the track feel absolutely outstanding for they shine with a great brightness to them. Interplay amongst the band features a distinct magic for they work off each other’s strengths. Right in the very heart of the entire thing are those vocals, carefully crafted to absolute perfection. Lyrics work wonders cascading downwards in a way that has a loveliness to it. Stylistically Alias brings together folk, pop, country, rock, with a hint of eclecticism to further color the work.

Percussion opens it with a flair for the dramatic. The nimbleness of the drumming has a beauty to it. Upon his voice entering into the fray there is a degree of love to it. With nods to the storytelling abilities of the Mountain Goats there is a poetry about all of it. Quite a thoughtful work the buildup of the sound happens with a degree of gracefulness. Layer upon layer enters into the mix yet there is never a density to it. The sound itself has a lightness about it. Full of such soul to it the expansiveness has a tenderness to it. For the song’s finale it nicely all ties together.

“Chaperon” features a degree of care and compassion, for Alias Wayne has a playfulness to his sound one that feels fully realized.



Alias Wayne has shown he has a knack for creating captivating and creative songs time and time again. His whole discography is bursting with colour and creativity, as his unique blend of Americana, blues and Caledonian soul has, quite frankly, created a genre in itself. In his latest release ‘Chaperon’ he’s swayed into the sweet sounds of a Latin, country-based romance.

The most wonderful thing about ‘Chaperon’ is the free-flowing, easy-going feel to the whole thing. It’s hard to tell when one verse ends and another begins, making this song one of those Sunday mornings, lay in your bed and watch the sunrise songs. The percussion in this track is utter ear candy as the bongos and tambourine are perfectly panned in the mix. They cut through the thickness of the electric guitar and bass with crystal clear quality, adding a refresher to the lower frequencies. Much like the blurry boundaries of the sections, it’s hard to tell where Alias Wayne begins and the guitar riffs end. They intertwine beautifully throughout the whole track; one moment they are united to underline a certain refrain and the next they’re dancing with each other with an infectious playful feel.

Speaking of melodies, the hook in ‘Chaperon’ is one you won’t be able to stop humming well after the track is finished. It’s completely catchy, but not at all in the usual frustrating manner an earworm gets stuck in your head. It stays with you, lingering with an easy-going air. Each time it begins to float through your head, it reminds you to relax, sit back and enjoy the moment. Alias Wayne’s vocals are utterly outstanding throughout. He has such a naturally warm quality to his vocals, it makes it even harder not to keep coming back to his songs time and time again.

The effortless and casual feel to Alias Wayne’s vocals adds to the easy-going, friendly feel of this track. ‘Chaperon’ is a light-hearted, lusciously layered track from Alias Wayne — one I would highly recommend for those lazy days and slow Sunday mornings.


Alias Wayne - Chaperon

Mar 14

Ranzel X Kendrick is a singer/songwriter with a unique skillset and an alias: Alias Wayne. We have previously covered multiple tracks from Kendrick under both his actual name and alias - Alias Wayne’s Joan of Ottawa and “Like A Child and “Cross My Heart” as Ranzel X Kendrick. Today we are excited to share our thoughts on Alias Wayne’s “Chaperon”!

“Chaperon” is an easy listening experience, providing some authentic lyrics and high quality musicianship. Indeed, this song’s lighthearted nature provides the kind of energy that is easy to vibe with, truly lightening the mood and loosening the atmosphere. What I enjoy about this song is how deeply rooted in a combination of Folk and Southern Rock but it has the melodic sensibilities of something a little more pop-y which truly rounds the song out as something extremely special.

I really enjoy what Ranzel X Kendrick does across all of the music he makes - both the music he releases under his real name and as Alias Wayne. You can keep up with what Ranzel X Kendrick/Alias Wayne is doing through his website and Facebook.


BandCamp Diaries

Alias Wayne is back on the scene with a fantastic new release: Chaperon

March 2022 - Artist and songwriter Alias Wayne knows a thing or two about pouring his heart into his music, and it is exactly what’s happening on his most recent studio release, Chaperon. This warm and spontaneous piece of music is going to charm you with some outstanding acoustic vibe. The introduction has a Pacific Island vibe, with its dreamy, sunny melody. In addition, the arrangement provides elements of soft-rock, acoustic music, blues, R&B, and so much more.

Alias Wayne has a relatable way to approach his vocals and lyrics, keeping things simple in the best possible way. His artistic roots are proudly worn on his sleeves, as the sound of this release is nothing short of timeless.If you are a fan of artists such as Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, and Bob Marley, you should most definitely give Alias Wayne’s music a go, Chaperon in particular!


Ranzel X Kendrick aka Alias Wayne is literally back on track with a new offering titled Chaperon. This electrifying and upbeat groove will surely cast a bit of light on your experience. Alias Wayne offers a windowpane view on the crossroads of pickup lines and romanticism.

Chaperon captures an episode of funky wooing and the desire to go on vacation with one’s love interest if even as a chaperon. The track hovers over a pop landscape as its rhythms are accentuated by acoustic guitar and the full band experience, coupled with superb instrumentation. Chaperon by Alias Wayne is refreshing and equally entertaining, a great track that is worth its weight in sound.


Alias Wayne’s new single Chaperon is a stunning song with exquisite beats. The arrangement is distinct with alluring vocals by Alias Wayne.

Compared to his other notable songs such as Radiation Town and Gimme What It’s Worth, in his new single Chaperon the artist goes for an unconventional rhythm section. However, this unique aspect totally enthralled us and showcases the authentic creativity of the artist that he is expressing through his music.


Every once in a while, a single comes along that makes you ask, ‘Why hasn’t someone else thought of this?” “Chaperon” by Alias Wayne is just such an ‘it’s-about-time’ idea. In it, the guy wants to get into a girl’s life, not in some kind of obvious pick up line, but more innocently as her chaperon. It’s one sweet and smart idea for a song!

The track is built upon a relatively simple guitar groove, colored by organ. Sung in a conversational manner, the song finds a guy making himself available to go on vacation with a girl. Not as a sleezy guy. No, he’s only out for her best interests. He’s going to watch over her. Protect her. What could be better than that?

What makes this idea kinda funny, though, is that most of us outgrow chaperons after high school graduation. Remember those high school dances? There were always chaperons, which were actually teachers and school employees, on patrol to keep students from misbehaving. That must be a terrible job! Who wants to police teens? This would involve breaking up instances of too much public affection. It may also include making sure nobody is drinking alcohol or taking drugs. It might even require keeping students from vandalizing property. So, the same people that befriend students in class, to get them to learn, are asked to be their temporary parents for a night. That can’t be any fun – for the chaperons or the students.

Alias Wayne, one presumes, has long since outgrown the need for needing or being a chaperon. He’s a grown adult now, after all. However, by suggesting the role of chaperon, he’s worming into this girl’s life, in the most unthreatening way. The artwork for this single pictures Alias Jayne and Alias Wayne, about to kiss. The photo suggests this song is directed, not at a new potential lover, but an already established partner. Therefore, by being his woman’s chaperon, he’s being playfully romantic. At one point, Wayne calls her his “beautiful sexy girl.” This is certainly no fresh conquest. Instead, it’s his main squeeze.

Playful’ is a word that often comes to mind while listening to “Chaperon.” Yes, love and romance can be serious business, so to speak. Hearts many times get broken in relationships. This Alias Wayne song, though, sounds to be an attempt to put youthfulness back into a relationship. By calling himself a chaperon, it may remind his woman about back when she was still in high school. Love was new and exciting then. Even daring. By incorporating this sort of role playing, Alias Wayne transforms the relationship into something a little unusual, a little unexpected.

Stylistically, this song is largely acoustic. With its wry sense of humor, the artist that first comes to mind is Jimmy Buffett. Can’t you just picture parrot-heads (the name given to diehard Buffett fans) singing along with these words? The song speaks about going on vacation, and many Buffett songs are set on the beach or out on a yacht. In other words, his concerts are like mini vacations.

Alias Wayne gets credit for putting a unique spin on romantic rituals, and then pulls off his great idea with a delightful little song.


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