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Foreglow - Album Reviews


The American singer, songwriter and musician Ranzel X Kendrick is tireless! In the past few years the artist has impressed in every respect with releases such as Faux Pax, Texas Cactus and the last single River Of Love, whereby he is not only a virtuoso on the guitar and has proven his compositional skills. In terms of content and lyricism, Ranzel X Kendrick understands his craft and so every string instrument-savvy music lover of the handmade string sounds and high-quality songwriting can convince himself of his skills in the EP Foreglow, published as the Legacy Collection.

Guitar-heavy arrangements, which envelop the listening room in a magical magic with steel strings and fantastically warm-sounding compositions, are the main musical characteristic in which loving arrangements meet percussive instruments and contain a light Latin character.

Cross My Heart is a beautiful song that comes up with lively compositions, but also lyrically and vocally Rebecca White and Ranzel X Kendrick can play on this number - whose work ranges between unplugged, singer & songwriter and Latin Pop. In music it is not only important to act in a technically demanding manner, but also to let the music come to life and in the case of Ranzel X Kendrick it is no secret that he succeeds again and again effortlessly.

River Of Love has the character of a live session in which the focus is clearly on the voice of Ranzel X Kendrick. An easy game of the guitar, which is characterized by a simple nature, accompanies the powerful and penetrating voice of Ranzel X Kendrick, who also directly proves what he can do here. Because River Of Love is the acoustic proof that it doesn't always require an extremely extensive instrumentation to create a catcher, but that the vocal and content components are often enough to reach people's hearts.

In terms of content, it is about the fact that you should appreciate the things you have and should always use the good things. Towards the end, you could capitalize on the live session topic again, because with applause from the audience, River Of Love is finally diverted.

With a thought-provoking character, which tempts the listener to drift into his thoughts while listening to the sound, Ranzel X Kendrick then presents the song Virtuous Women, which is another testimony

With a thought-provoking character, which tempts the listener to drift into his thoughts while listening to the sound, Ranzel X Kendrick then presents the song Virtuous Women, which is again a testimony to his talent. Built on a foundation of warm and accentuating bass riffs, which are driven by progressive and shallow drums, the song is not only musically appealing through the playing of the guitar, but also implies in its sound the passionately complex playing of a flute, which the song in the melodic area is a duel with the penetrating voice of Ranzel X Kendrick.

The next track Lonely Tonight is about loneliness, which moves in the same acoustic habitus as the previous songs, but this is absolutely not bad, because here, too, Ranzel X Kendrick proves itself with exactly this concept and convinces with a song that stands out deals with the issue of loneliness. In addition to the usual homogeneous guitar, bass and drum work, which drives the whole thing in 4/4 time and in the slow tempo range, Ranzel X Kendrick also pulls an ace up his sleeve at Lonely Tonight and features a fantastic singer who with her no less beautiful Singing accompanied by Ranzel X Kendrick's singing in symbiosis.

Slow Dancing In The Rain is then a beautiful ballad that combines piano sounds with passionate band composition at the end. Here, Ranzel X Kendrick gives everything again for the grand finale and combines the usual bass and guitar playing with piano sounds and keyboard effects, which adds a certain magic to the whole thing and is characterized by a fantastic, lively sound design.

Conclusion 10 out of 10: Ranzel X Kendrick shows it all again and presents a fantastic mini album with Foreglow, which hopefully some more will follow.


Foreglow by Ranzel X Kendrick represents the true warmth and artistry of acoustic sound. Ranzel X Kendrick is a creative powerhouse, who is often noted for his eclectic and high-spirited musicality. Foreplay is an honest venture that reveals an open book view of Ranzel X Kendrick’s melodic depth.

His maestro’s newest effort is filled with rhythmic beauty and organic symmetry. Beginning with the romanticism of Cross My Heart, Ranzel X Kendrick gives us a moment by the fire for great times and comfort during these unparalleled times. Throughout the album’s incredible instrumentation of acoustic guitar, flute, conga drums, and tempered basslines, Foreglow’s beauty is found in its sincerity and gimmickless approach to discovering the true talent of life that resides within us all.

Many of the themes covered in this remarkable 5-track EP bend towards romance and an honest look into our own psyche. Ranzel X Kendrick has done a wonderful job in creating a true masterpiece.


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Ranzel X Kendrick – “Cross My Heart” – Single Review

A lot of people wonder about what it’s like to be on this side of the screen, so I’ll give ya an idea.

Last time I wrote about Ranzel X Kendrick, he didn’t even know about it. It’s basically like that.

No different than most of ya really. We’re all so busy doing what we do that the last thing that seems to occur to us is that we don’t actually get there individually…we get there together. Building a scene, building a full-on music community…I now recognize these things from music history’s past to be the complete fluke they truly were.

The luxury of having that many committed bands & artists, not only to themselves & the music they were making…but those in the scene around them too? I ain’t gonna lie to ya – at this point in my own career here at sleepingbagstudios…the very idea of that seems impossible; quite simply put – it’s not the way that things work in the world anymore…we’ll be lucky to see another.

Anyhow. Those of you out there reading right now that aren’t Ranzel, likely recognize the name having appeared here in multiple ways throughout the past couple years in checking out singles like “Seguin Son Of A Gun,” his cover of Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love,” his summer single of 2021 “Like A Child,” and his work in another project called Alias Wayne. Lots of good times listening to Ranzel’s music have been had along the way…he’s a low-key part of the scene we share, but the dude always writes a quality tune.

Case in-point, he’s got another one here with “Cross My Heart,” and a recording that rivals the fantastic performance he’s put in – I love the way this song sounds from start to finish and genuine appreciate the many details he’s included into what appears to be such a simple & straightforward tune. At the end of the day, that’s still somewhat of a relevant & valid observation…

Ranzel’s not pushing the borders or boundaries with another song about being confused in love thematically perhaps, but the way he executes gives a single like this every chance of beating the odds & reaching the audience that it should. The clarity is outstanding to the nth degree, and plays such a significant role in drawing out the sweetness juxtaposed the various questions that rise up along the way wondering about just how true this love Ranzel’s found himself in genuinely is – or if it might not even be love at all.

As it begins, it sure sounds like it’s on solid enough ground…but by the end of that first verse alone, you’re already amidst the rubble of a relationship that’s crumbled and left X Kendrick wondering what the heck just happened. Dealing with the Jekyll & Hyde aspect of life & love, where one minute things seem to be going great, only to find in the next that they’ve gone south beyond repair – “Cross My Heart” is a plea for a plain & simple, straightforward lovin,’ without all the crazy complications that tend to show up so very often in the course of a relationship & trusting someone else with who you are.

Dude plays this cut perfectly if you ask me…not just in his own technique & approach from the music to the microphone, but truly, the recording on this song is so supreme you can’t help but notice the significant role it plays in this single’s success.

The percussion is amazing & worth the price of admission on its own, and the layering of the vocals between the lead & the background is just about as good as it can possibly get. From harmonies to a call & response approach between Ranzel and the thoughts in his head, every solitary note feels & sounds like it’s been planned, rehearsed, and executed as seamlessly & flawlessly as could be done…”Cross My Heart” feels like a moment in time that X Kendrick got every single ounce out of, leading to an enchanting & endearing performance that’s guaranteed to win ya over.

Each note of the guitar sparkles & shines with character & personality, Ranzel sings this song spectacularly well, the delicate but lively use of percussion is seriously incredible…all the elements are there & included in the details to make a more gentle moment in music like this stand out like it should and reach the maximum potential that exists between the concept & the final results.

No joke folks – this would be the kind of track that would have me personally examining everything I did to achieve it; the blueprint on how to make great music with sincerity, style, and immaculate professionalism all at once…is right here for ya & on display from the lefts to the rights…so hopefully, at least a few of ya out there are paying attention. You could learn a ton from this recording about how to make everything we hear as listeners stand out for all the right reasons…from great songwriting, to passionate harmonies & cleverly written vocals designed to overlap & complement each layer, to sparkling sound, and lyricism that has a whole lot of heart & grounded, relatable words that are as insightful as they are entertaining – Ranzel X Kendrick is clearly in fine form this year once again.

“Cross My Heart” is a stellar & smooth acoustic-based single that has just as much sweetness as it does sorrow, and an overall balance that’s perfectly spot-on.

Find out more about Ranzel X Kendrick at his official website:


One of the best things for an artist to do is get out there and gain experiences. These experiences can be transformed into influences for your songwriting. Our friend Ranzel X Kendrick is a perfect example of this. Life is his muse.

Life has been an adventure for Ranzel X Kendrick and he seems to have enjoyed all of it. He has created a unique genre he calls “freestyle folk”, a blend of country, blues, and pop rock. Growing up with Uncle Roger Miller, a multi-Grammy winning Country Music Hall of Famer, had a huge effect as well. Songwriting is in their blood and tips flowed freely.

Traveling all around America and seeing many countries overseas filled the cup of influences for Ranzel X Kendrick. Currently enjoying Central American life in Costa Rica has added its own inspiration as well.

For his latest offering Ranzel X Kendrick has released his Foreglow EP. The opener “Cross My Heart” is a beautiful track that we previously covered HERE. From there we take a swim in the “River Of Love”. This is an elegant acoustic track that provides a storytelling vibe that draws the listener in close. Many of us have been in similar situations.

The other side is heard on “Virtuous Woman” as Ranzel welcomes true love. Smooth and soulful sounds rise in and out with an island-influenced drumbeat. The beauty fills the speakers on this bluesy-tinged track. The romantic EP concludes as it should with “Slow Dancing In The Rain.” The emotional vocal delivery here is perfect. We can share in the feelings as the beautiful music washes around us.

Definitely an album to share with your love.

Forever a music lover who has been everything from musician to promoter to manager to booking agent to publicist to blogger to record label founder to a degree from Berklee College of Music in Music Business.

Ranzel X Kendrick has spent his life seeking out all that the world has to offer him. Travelling throughout America and overseas, Ranzel has gained newfound knowledge and sounds in each adventure. Now, settled in Costa Rica with his partner Mia, Ranzel is ready to release the third EP in his Legacy Collection. The EP titled, Foreglow features five previously unreleased tracks from throughout his entensive travels.

“Cross My Heart” is the opening track for the EP, and undoubtedly the star of the whole show. Beautiful, intricate acoustic guitar brings you in to this gentle embrace and carries you into the rest of the song. What starts out feeling like a love song, quickly heads south as feelings begin to change.

Ranzel’s vocals are tender and vulnerable, helping drive home that helpless feeling of being in a love that is fading away. “Break my heart. Make me die, inside I want to die…” are the lyrics we hear behind a breathtakingly beautiful sound taking over our ears. That juxtaposition makes for a really magical moment that you don’t often get in music.

As the song goes along you get some marvelous harmonies, the kind that can give you chills down your spine. About halfway through the song you get a fusion of soul/jazz incorporated into the acoustic sound, making for a standout moment. Ranzel is known for seamlessly combining genres and he has succeeded again with “Cross My Heart.”

Ranzel X Kendrick has an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve, and Foreglow and “Cross My Heart” showcase some of the best features of his immense talents. Be sure to listen to the remainder of the EP!


Foreglow is a new EP from artist, Ranzel X Kendrick. The music could be describes as “roots music” but is pretty much an eclectic blend of a variety of styles like blues, folk etc, It’s an organic, down to Earth sound that’s sincere and sentimental. The vocals steal the show on some of these tracks. On River of Love for example, Ranzel X Kendrick really belts out the lyrics and the listener really can appreciate just how well this artist can sing. His impressive technical vocal abilities are powered by genuine emotional energy. Backed by delicate, folkish guitar melodies, the lyrics convey sentiments that center around romance, yearning, and loneliness. Foreglow demonstrates itself to be a mini-masterpiece. It’s musically enjoyable and captures vital elements of the human experience.”


‘Cross My Heart’ is Ranzel X Kendrick’s latest addition to his immensely diverse discography — and what a stunning single it is. Ranzel X Kendrick has three albums and a concert’s worth of EP’s out already, yet his latest EP ‘Foreglow’ shows a whole new side to his astonishing artistry.

Whichever sonic universe his sound may swing to, it’s his vibrant vocal presence that firmly grounds each work in his own unique genre. Ranzel X Kendrick is unwaveringly who he is, and it’s consistently captivating. His latest single, ‘Cross My Heart’ is no different.

‘Cross My Heart’ boasts the sweetest simplicity. With a soundscape rooted in natural instrumentation, ‘Cross My Heart’ reminds you of the power of acoustic music. Ranzel X Kendrick’s vocals shine over all else. His gentle tone sails over the slick soundscape below as he laments on a love losing its momentum.

Whilst ‘Cross My Heart’ has an almost Bossanova type feel, once again it’s seemingly impossible to pin Ranzel X Kendrick’s work to one genre. He often transcends traditional labels and yet again he’s blurring the lines. The harmonies created by Kendrick are, quite simply, stunning. There are recurring harmonic moments that create the most delicate of crescendos’ sprinkled throughout this single. The rise and falls, gentle push and pulls, of these vocal breaks are breathtaking. They almost reflect the ebbs and flows of the love this single describes and in doing so ‘Cross My Heart’ makes the most beautifully emotive listening.

The light percussion sprinkled over the single is some real ear candy. It feels more decorative than a structural device that you might expect. Whatever the intention, its layer adds flair to the free-flowing nature of this laid back anthem. Whilst ‘Cross My Heart’ might, on first appearance, seem like light listening, it’s perhaps the most intriguing and beautifully crafted single to have swum through my speakers in a while.

By Sasha Lauryn


Opening with the beautiful Cross My Heart, this new EP from the wonderfully monikered Ranzel X Kendrick is a fine and understated affair, as we have come to expect. You can read about that first tracks soft and seductive sounds elsewhere but what follows it is equally as tasteful and masterful.

Economy is the name of the game here, more than the sound of just a guy with a guitar but not much more. It is the sonic mileage that he gets out of such a simple construct that is both a revelation to the listener and a masterclass to those musicians who opt for their studio tricks and gimmicks to make something interesting happen in their songs.

River of Love is brilliantly understated and Virtuous Women allows a wandering flute and some gentle percussion to take as much of the limelight as the guitar does, whilst he delivers a fantastic and dynamic vocal over the top.

Saving the best till last, Slow Dancing In The Rain, is gorgeously evocative in the picture that it paints, romantic, subtle and sensuous. The perfect way to round off this great new collection of songs.

You always know that you are going to get something chilled and melodic, full of grace and groove when a Ranzel X Kendrick record emerges from the review pile. But even within that understated country-folk place that he calls home, he wanders a lot of sonic miles, pushing at boundaries and finding new ways of threading his influences and inspirations together.

Cross My Heart is both familiar territory and also something totally new. It embraces you like an old friend, warm and welcoming, easy and effortless, but also offering some gorgeous blends of Spanish tones and island vibes, Latin beats and heightened harmonies. Never one to fill up the creative space with additional sounds just because he can, here Ranzel uses that room to frame exquisite Mediterranean guitar runs and emotive vocals, exotic beats and effortless groove.

It is the Ranzel X Kendrick that you know and love but it is more besides. It is heightened, more heavenly, more lilting and laid-back, more graceful and gorgeous, more…well, just more.

Foreglow by Ranzel X Kendrick represents the true warmth and artistry of acoustic sound. Ranzel X Kendrick is a creative powerhouse, who is often noted for his eclectic and high-spirited musicality. Foreplay is an honest venture that reveals an open book view of Ranzel X Kendrick’s melodic depth.

His maestro’s newest effort is filled with rhythmic beauty and organic symmetry. Beginning with the romanticism of Cross My Heart, Ranzel X Kendrick gives us a moment by the fire for great times and comfort during these unparalleled times. Throughout the album’s incredible instrumentation of acoustic guitar, flute, conga drums, and tempered basslines, Foreglow’s beauty is found in its sincerity and gimmickless approach to discovering the true talent of life that resides within us all.

Many of the themes covered in this remarkable 5-track EP bend towards romance and an honest look into our own psyche. Ranzel X Kendrick has done a wonderful job in creating a true masterpiece.


Popular artist Ranzel X Kendrick is bringing genuinely fresh and fantastically entertaining originals to the scene by cumulating his versatile musical treasures. Accommodating the best elements of folk, blues, country, and all sorts of world music in his ethereal compositions, the artist seems to sit nicely under the audience’s umbrella of expectations. The talented singer-songwriter manages to write and compose some of the most intriguing pieces of music and executes them with his fresh and soulful vocal to offer a pleasant listening ride. On his latest single Cross My Heart’, the prolific singer has mesmerized the audience with his powerful blend of varied genres and makes his talent evident through the seamless delivery.

Cross My Heart’ by Ranzel X Kendrick is an enriching soundscape that graces the ear waves with soothing harmonies and the singer engulfs his cohesive performance while exploring his extensive catalog of genres. It’s a heart-touching composition with striking details that is sure to evoke sentimental values with its gorgeous songwriting. Living in Costa Rica, the artist comes from his third EP release Foreglow and lets the mind wander freely to its rich compelling tunes. Hear the whole record on Spotify and YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and his official website for more details.

Ranzel X Kendrick introducing a brand new studio EP: Foreglow

August 2021 - Ranzel X Kendrick is a singer and songwriter who loves to his his instruments and vocals in order to build elegant, minimalistic and emotional songs that reach deep into the heart of his listeners. His most recent studio EP is titled Foreglow. This project features 5 original songs, including the beautiful single “Cross My Heart,” a nuanced, yet minimalistic guitar-based ballad with a smooth tone.

The next song, “River of Love,” has an alternative Americana vibe, which might remind the audience of artists such as Jackson Browne or Nick Drake. In addition to that, the song “Virtuous Woman” features a very fascinating and hypnotic melodic arrangement, at times reminiscent of songwriters such as Jeff Buckley, but definitely adding a different flavors due to the groovy rhythm section.

“Lonely Tonight” is another minimalistic song with a full band sound and a very nostalgic flair. Last but not least, “Slow Dancing In The Rain” is the perfect curtain closer!



Ranzel X Kendrick – Foreglow

August 23, 2021

Ranzel X Kendrick bares his very heart on the infinitely charming scope of “Foreglow”. Done with the greatest level of care, he builds up more than just the songs but the entirety of the collection. By featuring this rather expansive approach there is a patience about it. Stylistically he brings together folk, jazz, rock, and more into a singular whole. Lyricism of the work features a tenderness for he makes sure that all of it flows into the next. The ebb and flow of the work add to its lovely, living quality.

On “Cross My Heart (feat. Rebecca White)” the song opens and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Guitars have an airiness to it, and the nimbleness adds to the lightness. With “River of Love” there is a definite Lou Reed quality to it, for the song has a prettiness to it, one that has a raw grit behind it. The stripped-down minimalism adds to the tenderness of the track, and his delivery is pitch perfect.

“Virtuous Woman” seems to draw from 70s style psychedelic folk, as the song explores a great swath of terrain, with the flute feeling quite freewheeling. A larger, expansive approach defines the warmth of “Lonely Tonight”. Ending things off as if in a dream is the sprawl of “Slow Dancing In The Rain” as it all merges into a fantastic stream of consciousness.

“Foreglow” features the grandeur of Ranzel X Kendrick’s delivery, for he offers a cadence that touches the very spirit.


Hi Ranzel, welcome back to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been really good and glad to be where I am right now.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Cross My Heart?”

Yes, I’m happy to talk about “Cross My Heart.” This was my late son James’ favorite song of mine. He loved it. Makes me miss him. He always wanted me to release this song for the world to enjoy.

The song comes off your new album, Foreglow, which is part of your Legacy Collection. Are these all new recordings?

No. My Legacy Collection comes from songs I recorded but never released. I was able to go back and group them together in 3-EP’s. 1 ) Freestyle by RXK, 2 ) Firebrand by Alias Wayne, and 3 ) Foreglow by RXK

And is that a flute on the third track, “Virtuous Woman?” Have you written music for a flute before?

Yes, that is a flute on “Virtuous Woman.” It is arranged to be the “female vocal” in the song like a duet, but it’s an instrument instead of an actual woman’s voice. Makes for an ethereal interaction between the male voice and female voice. I had never written music for a flute and this was a very passionate and emotional song with a lot of intensity even though it’s part laid-back. I love this flute for how it subtly keeps rising transcendently and beautifully to the final climax w/ the singer’s last lyrics at the end. The concept the band was playing to was – Lead Vocal & Flute interacting and singing the song as two lovers. This song was recorded in Georgetown, Maryland when I was doing a stint as Lead Crime Reporter for the Delaware Maryland State News. Back when I used to interview Joe Biden on things and he let me borrow his copy of an original historic document for one article. Sad to see the man’s mental decline.

How was the writing and recording process for these songs?

“Cross My Heart” was released with the “feat. Rebecca White” tag on the title. That was an editing slip-up somewhere in the process. But I’m okay with it because Becca wrote the lyrics! This is Becca’s love song about her love life, not mine. I helped co-write part and wrote the music. But this song belongs to “Rebecca White.”

It was so fun writing with her, but I have to admit the first tune I offered didn’t cut the mustard, she said. I was playing my guitar with surly and semi-aggressive angst from thinking about my love life at that time. Becca said no, that wasn’t what she wanted. “Give me something more intimate.”

So I changed to classical guitar w/ nylon strings as you can hear, and what a wonderful tune we found for it. We recorded the song at Willie Nelson’s studio west of Austin, Texas overlooking the Pedernales River.

“River of Life” was recorded live at a little coffee shop in San Antonio, Texas. A live guitar and vocal number with a lot of power to it. Like “slinging the stones that must be slung.”

“Virtuous Woman” was a live cut recorded in Georgetown, Maryland. With a cast of cast-aways and cast-offs from Delaware and Maryland I was playing with at the time. We did a lovely job and I especially like the upright bass and the emotion delivered by the whole band.

“Lonely Tonight” was a song I flew to Hollywood, California to record with my favorite engineer “SunDog” Sunny-Bone. The surprise was, when I landed, after we threw frisbees for an hour or so. Sunny was talking on the phone and came back saying, world-renown drummer “Virgil Donate” was in town and could make the session if we wanted him to play.

I said sure, of course and we met at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood to record it. Virgil brought wingman great bassist “Ric Firiacci” and the rest was history w/ Rebecca White on backup vocals. How I love the way Becca closes this song with that deep warm humble hum-m-m-m in the outro.

“Slow Dancing in the Rain” I wrote in Woodland Park, Colorado and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. South of town actually, with some incredible Nashville talent. One of my rare big-production songs, since I usually like to stay in the stripped-down production range. Lovely harp on this song, keys, guitars, bass, drums and more. One of my love Mia’s favorites.

We have listened to several albums of yours, both under your own name as well as Alias Wayne. Why the two different names for these projects? When you’re putting an album together, do you know right away whether it’ll be released as Ranzel X Kendrick or Alias Wayne?

All of us approach music in our own original way. For me, I would never learn my favorite artist’s songs. I didn’t want to learn how to imitate what they were doing. I wanted to know “where they were drawing from” to write and play like they did. I wanted to know where “the well” was that I could hear them drawing from in their inspiration. “Where was that well in me?”

It has been a strange blessing to learn music this way – that helps me write between genres. But also a curse some have told me, because listeners want the artist to be “identifiable” within a framework that makes sense to them. Before I started releasing my music in 2017 I thought of releasing my Texas Trilogy first – to establish something listeners could identify with. All songs within the genre-realm of Texas Roots / Americana / Singer-Songwriter. Easily “identifiable.” Once I the Ranzel X Kendrick branding and sound were established, I separated my musical wanderings by using “ Alias Wayne” w/ my alter-ego taking credit for the more-electric Rock-n-Blues-n-Jazzy tunes.

It sounds like you’re spending a lot of time down in Costa Rica these days. Are you living there full-time? How has that been during these challenging times?

I am living here in Costa Rica full-time. Splitting time between our “Casa Pool-a-Vida” home & rental property in Playa Negra on the Caribbean Sea. And our Central Mountain Valley home & rental “Reventazon River Mountain Ranch” w/ Main Lodge, Cabins, Glamping Tents and Tours.

They’re on and Airbnb, and the pics are great. Everybody’s welcome! We’d love to host anyone who can make it down. We feel it’s a “higher standard of living” just being here.

Are there any plans to perform these songs live at some point?

Sure, why not and of course. Costa Rica banned singing during the worldwide virus-scare. So, I went and recorded the single “Like a Child” anyway. They lifted the ban now so we have live music again. So YES. Gotta get out and sing the songs off this New Release LIVE!

What else is happening next in Ranzel X Kendrick’s world?

Rebecca White is coming in from her Texas digs. We’ll be recording some new things together. It will be her first time with my new studio and engineer and friend-musicians here. She’ll love it. I’ll get to celebrate the release of her great song “Cross My Heart” with her. And Becca L-O-V-E-S being here.

Otherwise, I have a 2-jam-song cuts for my: “Band of Randys” release after Foreglow sometime. Not promoting it the same but it’ll be out there for the discography and fans who like crazy jam music.

Two JAM cuts: One, from the night before the gig when all the musicians flew in from Texas. And we were picking up our instruments to start working on songs for the gig the next night. That one is “Warm Up.” Because that’s what it was. We just picked up our instruments and played it out of nowhere before we started working on anything.

The other one was the last song from the next night’s live gig: “A Little Better.” We were trading the name-tag “Randy” all night till everybody thought we were all named Randy. It confused even the MC with the mic at the end who closed with…

“Hey, let’s give a round of applause to Randy and his great group. WHOA! Randy, there’s a lot of Randys!”

Got 3- to 4- new EP’s in line to record. I’ll keep moving away from the 11-song trilogy “albums” to the shorter “EP’s” so I can release more music more often. I’ve been writing and laying out the new songs. Fun music with some cool covers. Alias returns! And there’s more “Back-Home” Ranzel X Kendrick – Coming Soon!

Smiles & Thanks VENTS. Peace, good vibes and Pura Vida !!


Just Fame is today sharing an exclusive single by artist Ranzel X Kendrick. It is titled “Cross My Heart” and is a riveting song which is part of his EP Foreglow. The arrangement is quite exquisite and powerful. The guitar work is also impressive in the song. Overall, Ranzel X Kendrick sounds amazing and Just Fame recommends this single for all the readers out there!

About the artist: Now living the dream in Costa Rica, splitting time between his home on the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Viejo, at his Casa Pool-a-Vida rental and his central mountain range paradise Reventazon River Mountain Lodge across from the smoking Turrialba Volcano. Kendrick and his love Mia are hosting travelers from around the world.


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