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Like A Child - Single Reviews

“Like a Child” is wonderful with an impressive arrangement. The vocals by Ranzel X Kendrick are powerful and definitely stirs our heart! The lyrics are deep and meaningful.

Overall, it is a riveting single…

Ranzel X Kendrick is a genre-blending singer-songwriter/artist with a distinct and unique sound. Both vocally and guitar-playing, Ranzel X has his own style, rhythm, beat and groove.


Ranzel X Kendrick is a singer/songwriter known for his genre-blending sound and his original “freestyle folk” sound. Under his own name, Kendrick has released his Texas Trilogy of CDs (showcasing the previously mentioned “freestyle folk” sound) as well as releasing music under the alias - Alias Wayne. Today we take a listen to Ranzel X Kendrick’s superb single, “Like A Child”.

“Like A Child” is a folksy track that blends some pop elements in to make it truly shine. Throughout this track, I was impressed by the vocal melody and lyrical meaning presented by Ranzel X Kendrick throughout the song’s duration; at certain points, the track is even mesmerizing and entrancing, adding a layer of appeal that many songs do not contain.

It is quite special how this song is able to mostly just utilize an acoustic guitar and the right amount of pop polish to achieve so much. Utilizing Ranzel X Kendrick’s signature blend of folk and pop, this track is a true marvel and is easily enjoyable for fans of pretty much any genre.

I must say, Ranzel X Kendrick provides a lot of passion in his music and it makes each track that he releases widely enjoyable.

“Like A Child” stands as a stirring, folk-infused track that I thoroughly enjoyed and I really think that you will too. Make sure that you keep up with Ranzel X Kendrick through his website and find more music and info through Bandcamp. Keep your eyes posted for “Like A Child” which should be coming your way soon!


Like A Child is a new single from Austin-based singer/songwriter, Ranzel X Kendrick. He refers to his musical style as “freestyle folk.” It basically blends elements of pop, rock and Americana.

The recording for Like a Child contains excellent sonic clarity. You can hear every delightful detail in the guitar strings as they’re being played. This gives the sound an intimate quality, even as the song captures innocent and free-spirited atmospheres of the open road.

Ranzel X Kendrick is an exceptional vocalist, much better than one typically expects in a genre like this. His has a gritty, rock’n’roll voice, yet his delivery is melodic and conveys sensitivity. The mix is rich and colorful, with miscellaneous instrumentals filling things out nicely.


Ranzel X Kendrick is a well established artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2017. Having always had a natural affinity for music, Ranzel X Kendrick honed his craft over the years to become the artist that he is today. Although he receives creative inspiration from a number of genres, Ranzel X Kendrick combines a variety of compositional elements to form his unique sound.

To date, Ranzel X Kendrick has forty-eight releases in his SoundCloud discography. Some of his most popular tracks include the likes of ‘Broke Down In Texas’, amassing fifty-five thousand plays, ‘Nobody But Me’, gathering over thirty-eight thousand plays, and ‘King Of The Road’, with more than thirty-eight thousand plays. With a growing number of followers and listeners, there is no denying the fact that Ranzel X Kendrick has developed a dedicated following of loyal fans.

Like A Child’ commences with a five second intro that sets the tone for the vocal. Ranzel X Kendrick’s vocal color is stylistic and emotive; flowing seamlessly with the uplifting vibe of the instrumental accompaniment. Although the track begins with a solo acoustic guitar, additional layers of instrumentation are gradually added as the song progresses, adding depth to the overall sound.

A number of instrumental breaks, check out 1:16 to 1:26 and 2:37 to 3:00, deliver just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this single is engaging from start to finish. By the time ‘Like A Child’ draws to a close, you’ll be humming along with the memorable melody and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen.

From the smooth production and creative instrumental arrangement, to the authentic vocal performance, fans of Ranzel X Kendrick, as well as those who appreciate new music, will definitely want to hear this single. Make sure you follow Ranzel X Kendrick on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!

June 2021 - Ranzel and Kendrick joined forces to create a fantastic new song: Like A Child. This song kicks off with a beautiful acoustic melody, highlighting the intimacy and honesty of the songwriting.

If you like the sound of artists as diverse as Donovan, Bob Dylan, or Dave Matthews, you are definitely going to connect with this release. The acoustic guitar and vocal parts soon merge with a full-band arrangement, influenced by soft rock and blues alike.

The drum parts are particularly amazing, with a soft brushed snare pattern that adds depth, while still retaining a lot of subtlety. The acoustic guitar is warm and precise in its strumming focus and it merges perfectly with the bluesy guitar licks.

The guitar tone in particular is incredible, reminiscent of artists such as John Mayer or even Stevie Ray Vaughn, only to mention but a few. This is ultimately a very positive and catchy song, with a vibrant sound and a carefree attitude that really makes people feel good


The Artists Central

Country tones and reflective vibes are plentiful on Ranzel's latests release. The Texas artist has been building his discography for some time with various genre infused releases. Using alter egos to express a vast array of artistic and creative expression.

The song itself offers a lot with some stunning guitar solo's and some great raspy vocals adding to the organic vibe. The quirky vocals are full of energy and individual personality.

Leading the way stating that children are actually indeed the examples of how we should be, a clever and true analysis from the artist. The song definitely has some strong messages that provide the listener with considerable food for thought.

The ending guitars, both electric and acoustic are wonderfully uplifting along with the percussion and drums, overall creating a noteworthy and enjoyable entry from the artist.


IndieX Music

Ranzel and Kendrick have release a beautiful new single titled "Like A Child"

The pleasant acoustic ballad explodes with emotion right from the beginning.

Maintaining its sultry acoustic beginnings, the warming feel accompanies the tranquil vocals throughout the 5 minute track.

As the song progresses, more styles of instrumentation are introduced, including some fuzzy, complex electric guitar riffs, that help add depth to the track, fulfilling the instrumental sections.

The whole atmosphere of the track has a strong, sentimental air around it, which has done well to be portrayed through an overall small instrumental range. The aforementioned emotion certainly makes itself known, and creates interest within the ambience of the song, with the artist’s songwriting proving effective and captivating.

The thing about music is, there is so much of it, as such, some bands and artists will pass you by completely, some will dawdle on your periphery, dipping in and out of earshot with an occasional single or album, and others will become something of a permanent fixture in your life.

Ranzel X Kendrick fall into the latter category, for sure.



Ranzel X Kendrick combines the smooth sounds of country with the penning of poignant lyrics — and it’s everything I’ve been searching for this slow summer. His sound is clearly rooted in old school folk with enticing elements of Caledonian soul, blues and Americana sewn into the fabric of his sonic tapestry.

Ranzel X Kendrick has three pretty sweet albums out already; his most recent, Texas Cactus, is an absolute goldmine of soulful stylings and easygoing lyrics. Ranzel X Kendrick has a vocal presence that truly sounds like it’s coming from his soul.

He’s captivatingly comforting, and when paired with the luscious layers he lets unfold from his guitar, its musical magic. The charm that radiates from Ranzel X Kendrick’s discography is the intimately insightful, down to earth and just overall low-key nature to his sound. Ranzel X Kendrick is utterly who he is, and it’s refreshing.

‘Like A Child’ has an important message at its core; to really be happy in life, you’ve got to leave your baggage behind and approach everything with the innocence and honesty of a child. Pretty poignant, and very real.

This message is woven throughout the beautiful lyrical refrains that run like flowing water in ‘Like A Child’. Ranzel X Kendrick has an effortless vocal quality that carries this track into the warmest of audio atmospheres. He has sculpted a soundscape built on the Caledonian classics. The guitar solo swooping in around the 2:40 mark is outstanding, with intricate intervals and a real groove that guides the track into new heights.

‘Like A Child’ is pretty lengthy, nearing six minutes, but not for a second is there a sense of stagnation. ‘Like A Child’ flows freely with the force of an artist openly speaking their truth and relishing in the soulful sound they created to do so — and I think it’s high time we realized this truth and relished much the same.



Ranzel X Kendrick sings straight from the heart on the rustic Americana of “Like A Child”. Vocals have a tremendous honesty about them. Stylistically rooted in country, he brings forth pieces of rock and folk into the mix. Every word is chosen with care for there is a sense of discovery that underpins the entirety of the piece.

Best of all the way he lets the sound unfurl adds to its uncanny grace. Instrumentally vibrant the interplay between the group adds to the power of the work. Layer upon layer is added with the greatest of care, making sure the whole thing comes together as a fully realized whole. The undercurrent of playfulness feels outright lovely to behold.

A quiet beginning starts the song off just right. From there he gradually lets the rest of the elements fall into place, ensuring that the song has a delicacy about it that is pure poetry to nicely behold. Over the course of the work the instruments and his own lyrics come into view in a way that is absolutely wonderful. Full of rich colors the tapestry of sound has an almost summer-like spirit about it, making sure that it all has that sense of soul. For the latter half they let loose a little bit in a well-earned, well-deserved race to the finale.

“Like A Child” features Ranzel X Kendrick’s delicately balanced verses all of which sync up in a way that feels truly beguiling.



June 5, 2021

Genre-bending music artist Ranzel X Kendrick is enveloping his listener through his amazing pop-rock tracks. His exquisite single ‘Like A Child’ is releasing soon.

Versatile music artist Ranzel X Kendrick is already set to launch his latest release ‘Like A Child’ to offer the listeners. Featuring a beautiful soundscape with an acoustic rock essence, the track feels quite organic and close to heart. The musical arrangement is filled with acoustic strumming and percussions which feel strangely familiar, calming, and warm.

The artist has a blissful vocal tone and his poetic lyricism keeps sprawling out of it. The track is written from an intriguing subject matter of seeing things from an adult life but just like a child, innocent and honest. This single is certainly capable of putting some good impact on the listeners.

Ranzel X Kendrick is a versatile music artist, well known for his genre-bending musical skills of singing and songwriting. With an original essence of pop-rock music, he impressed his listeners with his Texas Trilogy: ‘Texas Cactus’, ‘Texas Sagebrush’, and ‘Texas Paintbrush’. His love for jazzy blues flavor reflects through his work, ‘SNAFU’. The success wAS quickly followed by ‘Freestyle- Legacy Collection’ and ‘FAUX PAS’. The upcoming track ‘Like A Child’ is spreading his music aura among listeners around the globe.


Sleeping Bag Studios

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Like A Child” – Single Review

If you’ve been followin’ along with the bouncing ball over here at sleepingbagstudios, you’ve seen the name Ranzel X Kendrick pop up here over the last couple years with singles like “Seguin Son Of A Gun,” and “Crazy Love” from his Texas Cactus album, or you might have found out more about what he brings to music with the review I did in 2020 for his other project in the band Alias Wayne & their record FAVS.

Of all the material I’ve checked out so far, it’s likely the version of “Crazy Love” that would be the most relevant in comparison to this track “Like A Child” here today – even though this cut isn’t a Van Morrison cover, it definitely has that noteworthy Van-style songwriting & organic, natural melody guiding it along. That being said, Ranzel is diving into deeper terrain than a mere love song can tend to afford; as charming as the man & sound of his new tune may be, if you’re listening closely, underneath its smooth & shiny surface you’ll find a ton of insightful commentary on society & politics in that good-good Folk/Americana approach that expertly blends thought-provoking imagery with genuinely catchy vibes.

You know what I mean…”Like A Child” is the kind of song you’ve played about a hundred times just for the sheer fact that you’ll love the easy-glide & mellow chill of the melody on display, long before you sit there and really listen to those words by X Kendrick and it occurs to ya finally that, he really has been saying something significant all along. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a knock against him, it’s much more of a knock against how we as listeners hear music if anything…but it’s not really a knock against anyone at all – it just simply is what it is.

We pass over all kinds of incredible stuff on those first spins, or several if we’re not paying close enough attention, of anyone’s music out there…and I suppose part of what I do here, is do my level-best to make sure you’re not missing out on anything that ya should be experiencing when you’re listening to the tunes I’m writin’ about. Because when it comes to the charming sound at work, and the smooth glide through the melody & musicianship that Ranzel’s gently rockin’ with on his new single “Like A Child,” I’m fully confident in all of you – I don’t think anyone could miss that, not even on a first spin. The rest, the connections that are drawn between the information & observations that Ranzel will sing at ya with such remarkably natural ease…well that’s where a bit of additional brainwork comes along, should you choose to accept the task.

That’s the beauty of a song like this y’all – if you want to, you could put this Buffalo Springfield-meets-Van Morrison type-tune on and have it spin its endlessly comforting sound at full blast without a care in the world if you wanted to…or of course, you have the option to dig even deeper to really get into the lyrics and get that much more out of the song. So much so, that you’d likely be surprised by that first time you really absorb all of what’s being said & sung by Ranzel…the initial impression of “Like A Child” seems so friendly, pleasant, and natural; you can hear there IS a lot being said, but it’s like we almost push back against that mentally on those first couple spins because that music sounds so good, so clean, so inviting, so vivid, so colorful…so clear. It’s a song that sneaks up on you with its insightful wisdom…I suppose that’s what I’ve been getting at here.

Who was that dude…the guy that started out as a wrinkled old raisin sack, and then became a kid by the end…I know it was a movie…Benjamin Button, right? I’m confident enough in my answer to resist Googling it for now…but you know the storyline I mean; it’s the one about the guy that ages in reverse & all with Brad Pitt & whatnot.

“Like A Child” explores a similar theme in that regard…err…perhaps that is, Ranzel himself does…I think this dude is getting younger as time marches on. Or at the very least, it’s probably more fair to say that within the context of his lyricism on “Like A Child,” he’s definitely launched into a reminder of how complex & over-complicated the world can become & has become – when really, if we were to look at this planet “Like A Child” would…the fundamentals of what’s important would be universally clear as clear as can be…and we’d likely realize we all want the very same things.

The point that X Kendrick is making ultimately, if I’m hearing this correctly, is that the kids had it right all along…and that the older we’ve gotten, the more obstacles we’ve thrown in our way…the more we’ve damaged the machine we’ve created that could have kept this rock we’re floating on, as beautiful as its original design intended it to be. It’s about appreciating simplicity at its core, and how gorgeously sweet an uncomplicated life can truly be…and the majority of the way through this track, Ranzel achieves this by pointing out the opposite…how jumbled up things have become in society as a result of all the sophistications and progress we think we’ve made – but have we made any? Really?

It’s that fearlessness of youth that generates change…and it’s that untainted perspective that is still filled with hope & possibility before the jaded cynicism of age creeps in to take over…permanently if you’re not careful. Preserve your beautiful perspective on life…look at it “Like A Child” would, and recognize the wonder & splendor that you’re walking around in every single day…if you can do that, I promise ya, you’ll be just like Ranzel and find something worth exploring every time you open your eyes. Politics and government are always gonna try to get in the way – and they will, if we let them – but you’ve got more control over that than most of us realize – you’ve got the option to look at the world “Like A Child” every single day of your life & never give up that inspired spark of wonder that makes it all worthwhile.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to this artist’s thought-provoking tunes and his spot-on musicianship. Ranzel X Kendrick has a genuine gift when it comes to entertaining in a very all-encompassing way that gets a ton out of his instrumentation to keep you fully engaged, but always takes his tunes that much further through substance & meaning at the core of his tunes that’ll move both your heart & your mind. With the naturally inviting style & sound he’s delicately rockin’ and the gentle wisdom in his every word, he comes out shining on “Like A Child” with a smartly written single that’ll have you turning it up, just as much as you turn over your thoughts along the way as you listen…which is what great Folk/Rock is all about right?

Stellar solo in the mix for ya…a perfectly flawless approach to the vocals & results there too…and highly enticing words that’ll make you consider what he’s sayin’ while you absorb the mellow groove he’s created…all-in-all, “Like A Child” is a pretty irresistible combination of substance, and style.



Ranzel X Kendrick - With single 'Like A Child' from the profound side (video) [Singer & Songwriter | Indie soft rock]

With his new single Like A Child, Ranzel X Kendrick from America presents a blues-heavy single that comes out of the boxes with a lot of feeling and passion, but also honesty and which deals with the geopolitical problem of poverty. After Ranzel X Kendrick was able to convince internationally with the releases Faux Pax, or the album Texas Cactus, which he mastered not only with refined compositions, but also with lyrical and vocal content, whereby he not only came out as a virtuoso on his instrument has, but also as a quite capable singer. Ranzel X Kendrick is now continuing this musical odyssey with his new single Like A Child, an honest number that impresses with its music alone.

But in terms of content, Ranzel X Kendrick also has a lot to offer! In addition to the musical masterpiece, which is adorned with warm and precise guitar scores and which is supplemented by bluesy guitar solos over the course of the song, does the concise voice of Ranzel X Kendrick come into play again, which does justice to the musical composition and the arrangement? Or is it the other way around? Does the musical composition do justice to the voice? True to the motto what first: the egg or the hen? We don't know, of course, and it's a puzzling one. But there is one thing that you cannot argue about. Once again Ranzel X Kendrick delivers a treat for the ears, which puts his musical ability directly into focus and is both musically and vocally convincing.

Conclusion 10 out of 10: Ranzel X Kendrick is a fantastic musician who knows how to write fantastic songs. Friends of honest and handmade guitar art will celebrate this song.


There is a fine line between making music that is “loose” and music that simply doesn’t have it together.

The latter marks someone out as being sloppy or perhaps inexperienced. The former marks out someone who understands the inherent swing of a song and knows that if you make a groove too rigid, it can be just as noticeable as if your playing was scrappy and ill-thought-out.

Yes, loose is definitely where it is at. A sweet spot that is harder to hit than it might first appear. Loose is also the sonic territory where we find Ranzel X Kendrick, its a sweet spot that he makes all his own.

Like a Child is a gorgeously understated piece, sitting somewhere between folk and country, past and present, pretty much a signature sound for him. It extols the virtues of finding higher understanding by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, wide-eyed and open-hearted. Perhaps, if we did that, if we turned our back on the structures and rules of society, we can build a better world in its stead.

And it makes for a powerful and poignant mix, a wonderful blend of relaxed, almost busker-like music with a call to a return to a world based on more honest ideas and more heartfelt emotions. It’s a message we need perhaps more so now than ever before.


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