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Love One Another - Album Reviews

Bringing forth a fresh wave of melody with a message is the talented singer, guitarist, and songwriter Alias Wayne, also known as Ranzel X Kendrick, who has released his newest song ‘Love One Another’. It evokes the idea of global unification and acceptance, irrespective of race, region, and gender.

The pleasant acoustic buzzes in and brings a joyful vibe with it. The singer’s organic, soulful voice breaks out and speaks of a Utopian world devoid of hate and prejudice as the world moves towards being a global community where love prevails over everything else. Such an ideal world can only be achieved when individuals and international communities learn to “love one another”.

‘Love One Another’ is a beautiful attempt by Alias Wayne to spread the message of love across the world and he does so successfully. The song presents a stripped-back presentation of sublime acoustic work with subtle flicks of supplementary fingerstyle notes, as his voice smoothly guides listeners through this emotive melody. For more such amazing songs by the singer like ‘Real World’ and ‘Chaperon’, log in to Spotify and subscribe to his channel on YouTube. Also, follow him on Facebook for all the latest updates from the artist.


The new song, Love One Another, by Alias Wayne, is now available on all good music streaming platforms and music retail sites. Today, I get to review Love One Another right here on

Who is Alias Wayne?

Alias Wayne is a singer-songwriter who blends various different genres into his unique and unmistakable sound. Genres that were noted in Love One Another include acoustic rock, gospel, folk and blues. I also recognise some Christian influence. The song talks of “the lion and the lamb”, the importance of loving one another and the children who, “walk on water”. As a Christian myself, I appreciate these lyrics.

Who Does Alias Wayne Sound Like?

According to Spotify’s Artist Radio, similar sounds to Alias Wayne come from a whole host of country and folk artists. The most notable of these is Bob Dylan. However, I can also distinguish a similar sound to Del Amitri’s Nothing Ever Happens. and Sound Assylum’s Runaway Train.

When looking at soundalike artists for Alias Wayne, I would consider the same weight. Does it use an acoustic guitar? Are the lyrics as easy to understand? Is there a lot of meaning behind the words?

As far as meaning goes, artists like Alias Wayne who use a lot of lyrics have to be doubly talented. They have to consider the music as well as the words. Personally, I make instrumental electronic music which does not use lyrics. Therefore, I only consider the sound of the instruments that I use. Music with words, like practically all of the songs I have reviewed recently, have to consider lyrics as well as sound. Therefore, there is a lot more skill involved in making this music.

What Do I Like About Love One Another by Alias Wayne?

The first thing that strikes me about Love One Another is the relationship between the keys and the guitar. They compliment each other perfectly. Both can clearly be distinguished from the other.

Another element that suits the song is the vocals of Alias Wayne and the female backing singer. Again, these complement each other really well.

I also appreciate the diversity in drum patterns used in this Alias Wayne song. Typically, there would be more use of kick and snare drums. However, the fact that toms are used more in this song gives Love One Another a refreshing change. There is also a difference to the drum pattern throughout the song. The first verse uses more rim shots. The second verse uses the snares, and kicks and from the end of the third verse and second chorus, we hear those toms.

What Could Be Improved in Love One Another?

It would be good to hear a live recording of the song along with this original version. It would also be interesting to hear a remix or two. These are only ideas. The song itself is excellent.

Where Can You Learn More About Alias Wayne?

If you want to learn more about Alias Wayne, you are welcome to subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow him on Spotify, and like the Facebook page. You are also very welcome to visit the website to learn more about the music of Alias Wayne. Thank you for reading this post.


Alias Wayne is the music alias of singer/songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick. A popular artist here at Which Coast, we have written about Kendrick’s music both under his real name and his alias; some highlights include “Joan of Ottawa” and “Chaperon”. Today we are excited to share our thoughts on Alias Wayne’s single, “Love One Another”!

“Love One Another” is a special song with a positive and hopeful message. A richly textured instrumental draws you in from the outset, capturing your attention so that the lyrical message can shine. The positive message in this song is definitely the most special aspect of it and the way that the vocal performance brings the lyrics to life is perfect; the lead vocals are melodic and just slightly raw which adds a layer of authenticity while the backing vocals provide the perfect compliment to the lead.

I really enjoy what Ranzel X Kendrick offers up as Alias Wayne and “Love One Another” may be his best work yet. You can keep up with what Ranzel X Kendrick/Alias Wayne is doing through his website and Facebook. We have “Love One Another” embedded below via Spotify and you can also catch the track on YouTube!


“No one puts Baby in the corner.”

No one puts Jer @ SBS in one either. I see you Ranzel X Kendrick…I know what you’re up to over there. Loading up a song like “Love One Another” with sentiment & sweetness we should all just readily agree with…then what’s left to criticize, am I right? Dude drives a hard bargain in that regard…plus he’s always had a real naturally smooth vibe in his music whether performing as Alias Wayne or in his solo tunes…I’ll be the first to admit, it’s tough to find the will or the want to critique a song like “Love One Another.”

I’d almost rather just rubber stamp it for the guy & say ‘good job’ because what other choice are we left with?

It’s pretty damn Kumbaya man…I dunno. I’m just not really wired this way in December, of all months. “Love One Another” is pleasant, it’s nice, it’s friendly, it’s inviting…it’s actually really well-played & performed…and I’m trying to figure out why that doesn’t quite feel like it’s necessarily enough. I’ve heard enough of Ranzel’s tunes to know this is who he genuinely is, and I can appreciate that. I suppose I have my moments where I wonder if he’s challenging himself enough as an artist and I’m not exactly convinced this would be the track that accomplishes that either…but that’s all on me, not on him.

Kendrick just continues to glide along, seemingly without a care in the world, doin’ his thang…and it’s fair to say that there’s something truly beautiful about that too. If we were all a little more like Ranzel and a lot less of a grump like me, this planet would indeed be a much better place to live. “Love One Another” is like part Marvin Gaye, part Van Morrison…it works well enough…the transition out of the chorus from the music alone is well worth the price of admission, the instrumentation is straight-up gorgeous there. I like that he’s got the whole all-inclusive thing goin’ on with the backing vocals surrounding him, and the representation you see on the cover art as well…I mean…he’s really tied everything cleverly together.

Is it groundbreaking? No…but I don’t think that’s the artist Ranzel sets out to be in his solo tunes or in his work as Alias Wayne either…that’s just not the mission he’s on, man. Can the planet stand to hear a lot more of this kind of caring sentiment expressed in all forms? Sure! I think we can all agree on that part. It’s an easy-goin’ tune, with great ideals & morals at the heart of it all, and if that’s your jam, then I’d imagine you’ll have no problem at all diggin’ on into this. Every time it starts up again on my playlist, and you get that instant hit of Soul sound in the mix, I gotta say…highly enticing.

So…ultimately, no real objections here. The bass-lines are spectacular, the production is right on-point, and the intentions of a song like this are nothing but good ones. Some of the backing vocals are outright award-worthy too, though I’ll concede there’s a bit more of a variable spread in what you’ll find overall.

Other than that, it’s really just about personal taste and whether the positive spirit that resides at the heart of a song like this is what you’re looking to listen to in the music you’re spinning, and for many of you, it will be more than welcome I’m sure. It’d be like hating on a rainbow for no reason if you didn’t like at least a little bit of this tune…and I’m not capable of that, not even in December. I’m sure you’ll find something to like about “Love One Another” whether it’s the sentiment or the sound, Alias Wayne has good energy and vibes running deep throughout this single & I’m sure that’ll connect with listeners.

Find out more about Alias Wayne at Ranzel’s official website:


Musician and songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick aka Alias Wayne releases a new track titled “Love One Another”. Alias Wayne is often noted for his free-spirited unorthodox musical savviness and avant-garde melodies. His music is praised for its originality and wholesome lyricism.

Love One Another is a pop song with strong soulful overtones and powerful instrumentation. The track is led by impressive acoustic guitar strums, a strong bassline, and crisp percussion. This stirring groove is further enhanced by some lovely background harmonies and a moving vocal performance by Alias Wayne. The song’s theme courts some of Alias Wayne’s artistic influences like John Lennon, who often campaigned for global healing and love between the human family.

Love One Another by Alias Wayne has a lot to offer intellectually as well as musically. It’s a great song!


Pop-rock vocals direct with breathy intent and multiple layers of delicacy on Alias Wayne’s uniquely winding, self-aware new pop single Love One Another.

The clatter of the beat and the conflicting tap build a vastly attainable pop-like mood from the start, with a quite nostalgic vibe.

Love One Another introduces the skillfully meandering vocal harmonies of Alias Wayne in a way that feels acquainted yet also indicative of an artist ready to pave their own way, with a likable beat that injects a level of weight and easily recognizable styling into the track.

Weave in these deep verses, passionately and cleanly blended, and things will gradually but steadily shift towards totally fresh realms.

Beautifully crafted, with a longer-form melody than most pop songs, fusing that harmonic meander with a more comforting structure for something that essentially delivers the best of both worlds.

Here at Modern Soulful Music, supporting artists is our #1 priority, we kindly ask you to check out Alias Wayne.


The song title to Alias Wayne’s new single, “Love One Another,” is most likely inspired by John 13:34 in the New Testament, where Jesus states: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” For Alias Wayne, love is an action word, and not just a mere feeling. With the words to this song, expressions of love are sought out in everyday life, and it’s a gentle, moving musical wish.

It begins quietly with acoustic guitar, keyboards and vocals. Lyrics start with, “I can see a place/Where all the children walk on water/I can see a place where all the fathers love their children.” With these words, a scene is set where the kind of love Jesus spoke about is put directly into practice. Perhaps this ‘place’ is heaven, as one hardly expects to see children of the Earth literally walking on water. Then again, it could be a visualization of a supernatural, exciting new future. Nevertheless, the Bible also talks about walking on water, so this may be another Biblical lyrical reference. A place can also be viewed where fathers love their children. Sure, most fathers already love their children. However, this song suggests an even deeper love than what is normally expressed in our present-day family units.

The music is mainly acoustic and folk-ish, but the vibe is decidedly gospel-y. It sounds the way gospel music might sound, if sung around a campfire: Informal, but equally sincere. Its title also sounds much like a gospel song.

Heaven is also alluded to with the next verse when we hear, “I can see a place/Where all the animals laugh together.” Alias Wayne then sings about the lion and the lamb hanging out with each other. This circumstance is also written about when heaven is pictured in the Bible. It’s also a tip of the hat to the animal kingdom. Animals are quickly disappearing from our contemporary society, so this may be Alias Wayne’s way of singing about animal preservation. Humans must love each other, yes, but they should also love animals. He also imagines a world “where the trees sing,” which spotlights the environment. Let’s not forget about having love for the Earth, this song suggests.

The song’s next verse speaks to those with physical handicaps. Once again, Alias Wayne causes us to consider heaven, as this is where the Bible promises we’ll all have new bodies. In a sense, the song comes off like Staple Singers’ “I’ll Take You There (part two),” as it also imagines a little heaven on Earth. However, the Staple Singers’ familiar song is also a Civil Rights era protest piece, as they sing about a place where no “smiling faces” are “lying to the races.” Both songs, however, incorporate a belief in the power of love to change human behavior from bad to good.

It sounds so simple, but humans fail again and again to truly love each other. We need this reminder, though, because when we love one another, we humans are at our very best. This is a beautiful, timely song.

-Dan MacIntosh


It might seem like a pretty obvious sentiment, one that has been the subject of songs since the birth of music. But, and this is the sad thing, it is a message that needs to be repeated in the modern age. As the storm clouds gather, as people become less tolerant and more entrenched in their views, people do need to be reminded that it is empathy, tolerance…love, that is the route to a better life, a better society, a better world, not the acquisition of material things, not money…not greed and isolation.

This sentiment is what lies at the heart of this latest track from Alias Wayne. And it is a simple and sweet message delivered via equally lovely music. His trademark soulful blend of roots music acts as the perfect, understated vehicle.

Love One Another is the most significant statement of intent yet the easiest to put into action. It’s a great song, as always, and again as is often the case, he has something poignant to say. Take heed, change the world!


Has been for several years Ranzel X Kendrick now convincingly on the road with his fantastic music and hits one hit after the other. Most recently with the singles Like a child, Foreglow and Chapreon not only convinced the editors of eXceSS, reports Ranzel X Kendrick again with his Alias Wayne Project back and presents a piece of fantastic music with the title Love One Another back. Presented here Ranzel X Kendrick aka. Alias Wayne a musically warm piece that captures the listener directly and really has what it takes to ensure that the listener gets lost in the fantastic musical performance. Here with a minimalist composition of steel guitar, shallow drums and light organ effects Love One Another again proof of the skills which Alias Wayne here for the best.

Including keyboard instruments from organ and piano chord sequences, it is the radiant guitar chords that provide a luminous arrangement that is carried by a gripping basic rhythm. A basic rhythm, which is characterized by a drum game in four-quarter time and a emphasizing bass score. The motto is poppy and handmade when it comes to this musical message of togetherness. Ranzel X Kendrick aka. Alias Wayne convinces again with this composition with a compositional subtlety. But here is Ranzel X Kendrick another main prize with the vocals! Carried by compositional, musical skills, presented Ranzel X Kendrick not only his lyrical, but above all his vocal talent, which touches the souls and is supported by a beautiful female voice in the backing song. No matter if as Alias Wayne-, or as Ranzel X Kendrick, this man understands his craft and manages to write songs that every lover of honest and handmade guitar or singer & songwriting should definitely listen to.

Conclusion 10 of 10: Again it proves itself Ranzel X Kendrick aka. Alias Wayne as a fantastic songwriter! Lovers of handmade music should definitely listen to it!


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