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Ranzel X Kendrick - Seguin Son of a Gun

One thing that music enthusiasts get way too hung up on is genre. Is a track folk-country, alt-country, country-rock...etc. I can't imagine that the old timers who laid down the groundwork for American music really thought about genre all too much, it was more style they were concerned with.

Ranzel X Kendrick's new track "Seguin Son of a Gun" is a twangy quick tempo song complete with anthem-like lyrics - an homage to country living. There is an incredible fiddle going on in the background and all backed up by a simple strummed acoustic guitar. The vocals are unrefined and very raw - the kind you would hear around a campfire which is where my tastes lie. Overall, it's really nice to see country music starting to make its way back from the pop-incursions of the late 90's and early 2000's; Ranzel X Kendrick is such an artist.


Ranzel X Kendrick Tells Quite The Tale In “Son Of A Gun”

“Son Of A Gun” reminds me of how enjoyable music can be when it comes from a honest place.

The Texas rooted Ranzel X Kendrick has a lot of soul in him. With so much experience in the music industry under his belt, it’s nice to hear knowledge, wise words and laidback vibes from him, especially when it’s packaged in solid music. In “Son Of A Gun,” listeners are treated to just that, which results in a track that is as honest as it is soothing. You know what I love about “Son Of A Gun?” It’s raw. With the instrumental behind the track featuring authentic country vibes, Ranzel lets loose, singing about having a good time with beers, guitars and good company. I love how unapologetic he is in his sentiments, blaming any misunderstandings on him being a man’s man. In my opinion, listeners will love how he doesn’t stress a single word, instead, he barrels his way to the finish line of this song with nothing but pure sincerity. Thank you Ranzel X Kendrick for this country gem that I can’t help but respect with all my heart. OVERALL RATING (4/5) Quincy Quincy is the creator of Ratings Game Music. He loves writing about music, taking long walks on beaches, and spaghetti that fights him back.


Ranzel X Kendrick New Single “Crazy Love”

by Skope • June 2, 2019

No matter what you may think of Ranzel X Kendrick’s performance on his new single, “Crazy Love,” you must give him props for covering the great Van Morrison’s song. Van Morrison is not just an iconic performer, but “Crazy Love” is also one of his most iconic songs. In fact, it’s one of his (many) signature songs. This artistic choice is akin to a new soul singer covering Aretha Franklin’s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” Sure, there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to an exalted diva; but why would you want all those obvious comparisons? Kendrick is similarly opening himself up to being evaluated side-by-side with Morrison. They don’t call Morrison Van The Man for nothing. Therefore, Kendrick better be good. And he is.

Kendrick sings his version over a basic arrangement of electric guitar, bass and drums. He uses a conversational singing tone, one much like Morrison’s original. Kendrick, who is from Texas, kind of Texas-afies it too, if that’s even a word. Texas singer/songwriters have a touch of world weariness in their performing tones, and Kendrick has a bit of that same weariness when he sings this one.

Lyrically, “Crazy Love” is a song that admonishes the positive attributes of a partner. This is the absolute right girl for this man. She always has everything he needs to keep him happy. There’s also a spiritual angle to this ideal lover. “She makes me righteous/She makes me whole/She makes me tingle/Down into my soul” say the lyrics. Christianity teaches that a man and woman, when joined together, become like one flesh. The act of making him whole, supports that spiritual principle. This woman is also an encourager. “She’s got a fine sense of humor,” the song goes, “when I’m feeling lowdown.” The ability to make one’s partner laugh, should never be underestimated.

“Crazy” is an unusual word to describe love. You don’t really hear it used much in the positive manner these days; in the way it’s used here. She’s so good, she’s crazy good, the words suggest. She’s a lover so true and good, in fact, outsiders might think it’s insane, her extreme goodness. Beyonce had a big hit with “Crazy in Love,” but in her case, she described how much she loved another as representing the crazy part of the relationship. In this song’s case, though, it’s the love itself described as crazy.

Ranzel X Kendrick’s version of “Crazy Love” will never forget Van Morrison’s original recording. However, Kendrick certainly doesn’t embarrass himself. Instead, by putting his own fingerprint on the song, Kendrick reminds us again that this is one fine song. (Oh, that we all can experience this kind of love). If you’ve felt it, this song will act as a pleasurable reminder. If you, haven’t, it’ll make you want it, badly. Perhaps, Ranzel X Kendrick has introduced you to a new song. After all, many music listeners today may not even realize this is a cover song. In that case, it’s a beautiful thing to introduce folks to songs of old that they may never have heard. Hopefully, these newbies will fall crazy in love with this song, the same way generations before did. If that happens, it would, indeed, be crazy good.

Dan McIntosh


Ranzel X Kendrick – “Seguin Son Of A Gun”


April 30, 2019

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Seguin Son Of A Gun” – Single Review I think…I think I’m gonna let this single mosey on through with a pass of approval. Ain’t gonna lie, Ranzel X Kendrick has got a bit of a bizarre little oddity here on “Seguin Son Of A Gun,” but the way he’s played this cut has decidedly got me on board…it’s like the tightest, loosest tune out there…real natural.

Just don’t go gettin’ any ideas though Country-crowd…I ain’t about to change my ways musically overall.

There’s just something like…so inarguably organic about this tune, that it sounds like you audibly just pulled up a barstool and sat down at the club before opening time to watch Ranzel noodle away and give a lil’ sample of what’s to come. The results end up transmitting this seriously unique vibe…a quaint one, an isolated one…and truthfully, an exquisite one all the same. Which yes, I’ll admit is probably a strange way to describe a song in which its creator is a self-proclaimed “Seguin Son Of A Gun” – but yet, here we are, and that’s exactly the way it is. There’s nothing about this performance that feels like Ranzel’s clamoring for your attention at all – and I love it; it’s the kind of song that plays like he’s just chillin’ out at the studio after-hours and left to his own devices…sometimes that’s when you find out all along you’ve got exactly what you need. “Seguin Son Of A Gun” is a fairly stripped-down tune in the way it sounds, but you’ve still got most of your main ingredients in there…guitar, drums, vocals…and a fiddle/violin working incredible magic throughout this song as well, providing truly essential stuff happening through your lefts & rights that contributes to & complements the atmosphere perfectly.

Call me crazy, but this is about the realest slice of Americana that I’ve enjoyed in a long, long time. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this approach Ranzel takes to “Seguin Son Of A Gun” would work necessarily on every tune he writes, but it certainly works for this one. You just don’t hear recordings like this out there…at the very least, not enough…but if these pages & the last nearly 2000 reviews I’ve written are any indication, I’m tellin’ ya – the warm, comforting, inviting vibes you’ll find on this single are really authentic. “Seguin Son Of A Gun” has a subtly cool rhythm & groove that never loses its charm…whether it’s the music or the vocals, the lead or the background, you’ll find plenty happening throughout the structure of this lil’ ditty to keep ya fully entertained. Personality-wise, character-wise & all-that…I think you really gotta hand it to Ranzel for just how much comes shining through the mic on “Seguin Son Of A Gun” – and again, he pulls it all off like no one else is even around to listen to him! Like it’s beyond easy to imagine Ranzel just chilling out somewhere with a handful of musicians & sparking this tune into existence at any given time…it’s so laidback & easygoing, it sounds like the kind of song that would pop-up almost seemingly out of nowhere around you…like you could just turn around, and there would be X Kendrick all of a sudden with an acoustic & he’s actually been right there all night.

I’m sure you get the idea by now…“Seguin Son Of A Gun” is remarkably low-key, oddly down-to-earth, & ultimately, insightfully real stuff to listen to…I’d reckon it’s just about as easy to like as a song can get. He’s left the neon-lights, bells & whistles, and fireworks behind for a moment here…it’s not at all like “Seguin Son Of A Gun” is going to beat you over the head for your attention…but it will earn it through the organic, easygoing nature of a songwriter that knows the exact energy this cut truly called for.

Find out more about Ranzel X Kendrick from his official homepage at:


Fresh from the album Texas Cactus, Ranzel X Kendrick’s Crazy Love emerges as an acoustic and warm country pop ballad that softly works its magic thanks to Kendrick’s gently expressive vocal and a perfectly supportive, organic soundscape.

Crazy Love is a song that fully underlines the very concept implied by the title. That is to say, the whole thing pours through as dedicative and appreciative of a significant other. Everything from the lyrics to the melody to Kendrick’s quietly honest voice reinforces this underlying sentiment of love and what real love can do for us. Loyalty and gratitude intertwine with peaceful, poetic imagery and scenes that suit the laid-back, calming mood of the music in a beautiful way.

What I like about this song is that it doesn’t try to be anything more than it is, it’s authentic and still beautiful, feeling like a classic Jack Johnson track in some ways – though always with that country pop twang that is the Ranzel X Kendrick approach. Without a doubt, the entire Texas Cactus album is one worth exploring – a collection of heartfelt, original songs, with a classic, comforting familiarity to the set-up.

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Ranzel X Kendrick

A new single that blurs the lines between country and blues-rock.

Ranzel X Kendrick is a musical artist with a passion for great melodies and witty lyrics. His music falls somewhere in between classic country music and gritty blues rock with a nice swagger to it!

Ranzel’s most recent studio single, “Seguin Son of a Gun” comes as a really exciting track, guided by a stunning electric guitar, pushing the melody forward - almost as if ZZ Top had decided to try their hand at country music while retaining that crunchy guitar tone!

The drums are roomy and organic, with a slight “marching” feel, adding energy to the song. The fiddle is truly amazing, especially shining with a stunning solo during the bridge of the song!

What I really love about “Seguin Son of a Gun is the fact that this song has two sides to it. On one hand, it is quite intimate and mellow. On the other, it retains a lot of energy and punch. Blurring the lines between old and new, this is an exciting country track with all the ingredients you need: a raspy, yet melodic voice, some twangy guitars, as well as a one-of-a-kind, take on the genre

Find out more about Ranzel X Kendrick and don’t miss out:


Ranzel X Kendrick New Single "Crazy Love" From The Album 'Texas Cactus'


New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Ranzel X Kendrick is back with "Crazy Love" from his new album Texas Cactus. It is the third in a series of albums, the "Texas Trilogy," which includes Texas Paintbrush and Texas Sagebrush. Kendrick blends genres in his music, primarily with folk rock meeting country and soul. "Crazy Love" is a great example of how decades of writing and performing have honed Kendrick's talent. "Crazy Love" is a slow, acoustic number that is about how someone's love can be something magical. It goes on to describe a woman who is kind, beautiful, and loving and how lucky Kendrick feels to know her. She gives him a sense of belonging and their love is extremely beneficial to him. It's a track with a lot of genuine adoration in it. You'll have a hard time not smiling when the song is playing, especially if you have someone you're thinking of when you're listening along to the lyrics. Crisp, smooth vocals elevate the sweet lyrics and sound great with the guitar. It is a simple sounding tune and it works very well. Nothing seems complicated. It all feels as light as Kendrick does when he's singing, and that feeling is infectious. I absolutely love how the guitar sounds in this track. It's beautiful and makes you feel almost cozy, like the track is welcoming you home. STREAMING: "Crazy Love" is an excellent, bright song that is definitely worth a listen. The Texas Trilogy is a unique collection of albums full of heart and wonderful songs. And if this track is any indication, Texas Cactus is the strongest of the three.


Ranzel X Kendrick Is Back To Finish the Texas Album Series, Listen to Texas Cactus Now

by Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman June 1, 2019 9:40 am

The last time I wrote about Ranzel X Kendrick I was highlighting album two in his Texas Series, Texas Sagebrush. Now he’s back with Texas Cactus, the finale of the trilogy.

Including eleven songs of organic, intimate, Americana-folk, Texas Cactus remains rooted in Ranzel X Kendrick’s Texas spirit. Each song is sprinkled with a variety of instrumentation including fiddle, steel guitar, and beautiful sounding acoustic guitar tones that support the honest, raw vocals and relatable lyricism of the talented songwriter behind these tasty tunes.

Injected with a slight dose of pop appeal, the songs on Texas Cactus are written and produced in such a way that gives them an edge for radio stations and playlists looking for new additions to their folk, Americana or singer/songwriter playlists.

Now that he’s released the last chapter of his Texas Series, Ranzel X Kendrick is in the studio preparing for his next release, SNAFU, which will feature more of his R&R and blues styled songs.

Listen to Texas Cactus on Spotify.

Be sure to check out feature about album two in the series, Texas Sagebrush.

Connect with Ranzel X Kendrick on his official website or FB.


Born and raised in Texas, Ranzel X Kendrick, before returning home to record what is an interesting musical trilogy that began in 2017 with “ Texas Paintbrush ” and which will end this year with the publication of “ Texas Cactus ”, traveled far and wide across the States, accumulating experiences and encounters. “ Texas Sagebrush ” is the ‘ half disk ’, a session informal and friendly, relaxed like an evening with friends, acoustic and close to the spirit of the Texan songwriting between country and folk.

A handful of songs that caress, played with great transport, with the originals that you raise to better in a selection where few agreements are enough, one lean instrumentation, to conquer those who love American songwriters.

Not the classic “ Unchained Melody ” by Righteous is particularly memorable Brothers while “ Lonely People ” of America in which our duet with the Rebecca White's persuasive voice is spot on for approach and cut acoustic.

Among the originals to be mentioned are certainly the initial “ Any Ole ’ Song ”, “ Cry In My Tequila X ”, inspired ‘ drinkin ’ song ’ from the Latin veins, the instrumental “ Hills Of Kendralia ” with its crystalline and pure melodic line, “ Gruene River ” among the brightest ballads on the disc, as well as the following “ Private Miracle ” in which the guitar intersections with the good still stand out Keith Davis, the most country “ Trouble & Pain ”, incisive and deeply poetic and “ The Fair Grass ”, soft and persuasive ballad that closes the album in the better way.

Ranzel X Kendrick knows how to entertain,does it with extreme taste and ability in a series of colored pastel sketches that will give moments of serenity to those who appreciate folk & country.

Remo Ricaldone


Music World Rating 8

In March last year I wrote on these pages comments about the album Texas Paintbrush of the American singer-songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick, a cousin of the famous Texan singer-songwriter Roger Miller ( remember his world hit “ King Of The Road ” ). That was the first record in a trilogy Kendrick wanted to make with in 2017 and 2018 songs about the area he has his roots in, namely Texas.

Now the second part of that trilogy already in our possession. On Texas Sagebrush are eleven tracks that just like the first record in a folk, country and Americana style brought. Here too we can go as with Texas Paintbrush again a few find covers of famous songs. Now that's it Unchained Melody, the 1965 classic from The Righteous Brothers and Lonely People, the hit from the album released in 1974 Holiday of the British-American rock group America.

It together with singer-songwriter Rebecca White brought duet What A Pretty Day sounds very nice and became pulled out of this CD as the first single. Also Peace Of Mind and Cry In My Tequila may leave the boxes with us a few more times in the following weeks sound. Hills Of Kendralia is a completely instrumental piece of music that on Gruene River precedes, a song that Ranzel X Kendrick along with Marissa Hines brings. The country tearjerker Trouble And Pain was passed on his son Dallas written and album closing The Fair Grass is one simple acoustic folk ballad that is fragile by Ranzel X Kendrick is sung.

It is to be expected that it last part of the Texas trilogy will arrive very soon. We already know that that third record the title Texas Cactus will get along. We certainly keep you informed when that disc will arrive at our editors.

( valsam )

Published on Music World: February 12 2019


Music Review: Ranzel X Kendrick – Crazy Love

Ranzel X Kendrick gains attention for representing acoustic beauties, his guitar digs deeper into abstraction, until the physical trappings of the instrument largely melts away. Ranzel X Kendrick has a smooth style of guitar playing, and for a good reason.

His single “Crazy Love” runs through folk and country grassroots with a bright and fleeting, burst of sweet affection. The artist gets deep and personal, telling of a love that arrives in our minds and we find ourselves idealizing our other halves.

With profound lyrics, Ranzel X Kendrick immerses the listener through intense feelings of being in love, and not just any kind, it’s the one where you feel a magnetic draw to stay inside a love bubble as long as you can because it feels all to magical.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, it also leads to constant yearnings about the missing object of affection. Ranzel X Kendrick displays the careful attention and determination to craft a song that creates feelings of ecstasy.

When your universe mixes with someone else’s world, you can often find yourself in the middle of something new and wonderful, ready to explore the mysteries of love. Whether it’s deep mood swings from excitement to agony and back again, no matter what, everywhere you go, it’s still a strange feeling you can’t help but surrender.

Accordingly, Ranzel X Kendrick remains a true inspiration with his own layered vocals, soaring over a love tune with a slow atmospheric breeze. “Crazy Love” is one of his most sentimental works, subtle and emotionally charged in a way that highlights his evolution as a songwriter, and the result is as deeply felt as it is deeply moving.


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