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Texas Sagebrush Reviews

Ranzel X Kendrick – ‘What A Pretty Day’ (from the upcoming album “Texas Sagebrush”)

by Skope • January 16, 2018

Texas born and raised, musician Ranzel X Kendrick has incorporated his rich roots into his new album, Texas Sagebrush, the second of the 3-part Texas Series. From it is the single, “What A Pretty Day,” is a charming track that was a welcome introduction to Kendrick’s music. Singing with him is Rebecca White, who has been featured in some of Kendrick’s other work as well. The two have a great sound and what seems to be a lot of fun on “What A Pretty Day”. It’s an all-around joy to listen to.

“What A Pretty Day” is what the most infectious smile you’ve ever seen would sound like if it were a song. It is light-hearted and full of optimism, with gentle guitar riffs and lovely vocals. It feels like sunshine and new beginnings. I can’t get enough.

I want to make this song my new anthem because it feels me with so much happiness.

The track is fun and everything you could look for in a mood booster, with an uplifting message and a reminder that you can get through even the worst of days. I love songs like this, ones that exist to bring hope. It can always help to get some support, even if it’s only in a song.

Kendrick has a lovely voice that I could listen to all day, mostly smooth but with the tiniest bit of gravel to add a unique quality that matches beautifully with the music. White’s voice is light and lilting, with an air of mischief that adds another pleasant level to “What A Lovely Day.” I’ve never heard a song that sounds so perfectly put together with the vocals feeling this carefree and gentle. My favorite part is at the end, when White comments that the song sounded okay, to which Kendrick responds with, “Sounded pretty nice.” All I could think upon hearing that was, ‘You’re damn right it did!’

To be fair, it is a bit repetitive but without being annoying after a while. It really makes me think of Pixar films, oddly enough. Especially movies like Cars and Toy Story- both of them have songs related to them that are fairly similar in topic. Not to flaunt my inner Disney fan further, but it also made me think of The Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata” towards the end of the song, when the trio is strutting off and the music starts to fade. I won’t lie, these thoughts are what made me love the song more than I already did.

As a whole, I can’t find anything I don’t love about “What A Pretty Day.” It’s not a groundbreaking hit in the making, and it’s not something that changed my life, but it did make me smile and will continue to do so in the future, and that’s beautiful. Kendrick’s work is definitely worth taking a listen to, especially if you enjoy music that comes directly from the heart. I eagerly await Texas Sagebrush, Texas Cactus, and everything else Kendrick puts out in the future!


by Skope • May 9, 2018

Texas-born and brought up musician, Ranzel X Kendrick has recently released ‘Texas Sagebrush’, the second installment of his Texas series music album. And in this music album, Ranzel X Kendrick has assimilated his rich Texas roots music through a charming and engaging blend of sound, maintaining the Americana styling.

The previous released ”Texas Paintbrush” was a remarkable testimony of Ranzel’s melodic innovation. Like the first part, ‘Texas Sagebrush’, too, comes as a collection of eleven dynamic soundtracks. At a first glance, the titles of these eleven soundtracks, from ”Any Ole song”, What A Pretty Day”, to the ”Fair Grass”, put some kind of nostalgic impressions in the listener’s mind. The songs seem to be nostalgic because they are carrying out the profundity of the artist’s personal experiences.

The album opens with ‘Any Ole Song’ that starts with the spark of Ranzel’s vocal.

In this song, there is no instrumental jamming; a smooth melody wraps around the listener with guitar and drumming. The catchy tune and rhythm appear with Ranzel’s organic musical craftsmanship. It is a very charming introduction to the album, what it holds for the upcoming minutes.

The next stop is ”What a Pretty Day”, a lighthearted and melodious single, featuring the fascinating and bewitching vocal of Rebecca White. This smooth, beautifully-written soundtrack has alone earned appreciation from the audience. The profound lyrics, the warm melody, gentle yet playful guitar riffs, astounding vocal, altogether create a soothing yet energizing ambiance, full of positivity.

The lyrical portion is not complicated, it is quite simple and easy-interpretable. It is the singing style of Ranzel along with Rebecca that evokes hope, inspiration, and positive emotions in the audience. The catchy tune, gentle melody, and how the song is presented is a total blast for three minutes. Both Ranzel X Kendrick and Rebecca White have successfully made the song a county gem that pierces through the heart, mind, and soul of the audience with an effortless punch.

In the county style music platter, ”Peace of Mind” is another addition of playful musical delight. The soulful lyrics and musical presentation of this song bring Ranzel’s creative spark under the spotlight. As the song opens, it seems like it is an instant retreat with the peace, as it really delivers the peace of mind.

”City In My Tequila” is another remarkable creation of Ranzel X Kendrick that makes the mind nostalgic; with its mellow sound and ear-soothing melody, it can turn around anybody’s day. The impressive vocal of Rebecca White gets mingled with the attractive and splendid arrangements of acoustic guitar in ”Lonely People”. ”Gruene River” comes with a playful note, guitar riffs, and the hypnotic voice of Ranzel X Kendrick. In ”Trouble And Pain”, it feels like Ranzel knows the perfect recipe of how to make a beautiful song, mixing the fine elements of music proportionately.

The gentle poetic scheme, sweet and mellow vocal, soft melody, playful guitar notes, are some of the great elements that have made ‘Texas Sagebrush’ a classic among the county gems.



Having done thousands of music reviews over the years, I have discovered a lot of interesting or good music, but not too much of it stands out. I have to say though that country artist Ranzel X Kendrick’s new album, Texas Sagebrush is exceptional.

The first track Any Ole’ Song, should leave no doubt to the listener that this guy’s music is right up there with the country legends. This shouldn’t be surprising given that he apparently is the nephew of Grammy award winner, Roger Miller.

Kendrick describes his sound as Texas Roots / Americana, and he has become a pretty much a master of it, so far as I can tell. His style features mellow but articulate acoustic guitar, in a fairly minimalist context, along with sincere and quietly contemplative vocals.

Ambiance wise, the songs on this album would not have seemed out of place on the classic soundtracks of films like “Every Which Way But Loose” (which featured hits from Eddie Rabbitt and Mel Tillis.) They are just very professional and have the feel of someone that has been around the block a few times.

Texas Sagebrush is very authentic and evokes memories of the last era of pre-popcommercialization of the country sound. This isn’t to say that the music itself is dated though. What a Pretty Day retains the artful authenticity while demonstrating appeal to mainstream contemporary audiences. Rebecca White’s stellar vocals combine the best of indie folk and country elements. At times on this album I even found myself questioning whether what I was listening to was a Greenwich Village coffee house folk tune or a country western song.

Just about anyone who hears this music will instantly recognize it as being in the top-tier of its genre.


Ranzel X Kendrick | Artist Spotlight

If you have been a reader for a while and keep up with the Artist Spotlights and Album Reviews here on the blog, you know I like an instrumental song. And Ranzel X Kendrick’s Texas Sagebrushgave me one; Hills of Kendralia. I don’t normally listen to the songs on an album in order, I like to skip around and I’m glad the first one I clicked was Hills of Kendralia.

When that track ended, I was ready to check out what else goodness was going to come through my speakers from Texas Sagebrush. I will say, the album did not disappoint. The track The Fair Grass, I had it on repeat. Very mellow song, as an introvert with anxiety, this is a good calming song. Another track that must be mentioned is Private Miracle. Another great song that has a calming effect. The guitar in this song, wonderfully delightful. If you listen closely, you hear can hear the faint sound of the triangle. Giving it this song this really good vibe. Again, this album does not disappoint. It’s a must listen too!

About Ranzel X Kendrick

The only son of Texas ranch-family parents, Ranzel X Kendrick’s passion for music started in grade school when multi-Grammy winner and Country Western legend “uncle” Roger Miller started giving tips on his songwriting. As a teen, Kendrick and his high school drummer buddy often jammed with Miller when he was in town. Kendrick has since written a delightful catalog of original songs. Texas Sagebrush is the second of a 3-album “Texas Series” set, which started with Texas Paintbrush (2017) and will finish with the last in the series, Texas Cactus. Each album features a variety of production styles: from solo guitar and vocal to simple rhythm sections, to more intricate full instrumentation and more.

Connect with Ranzel X Kendrick on Social Media Official Website:


Ranzel X Kendrick Delivers 2nd Installment of Texas Series Trilogy, Texas Sagebrush

Arriving with the second installment of his Texas Series trilogy, Ranzel X Kendrick delivers a charming, engaging blend of organic roots music with Texas Sagebrush.

Texas Sagebrush is the follow-up to Texas Paintbrush (released in 2017) and the precursor to the trilogy finale Texas Cactus. Featuring a variety of styles from solo singer/songwriter with a guitar and vocals to the addition of minimal rhythm and percussion elements into more refined, developed arrangements, Kendrick’s music is perfect for fans of homegrown Texas tunes as well as lovers of roots, folk, country, bluegrass and the blending of elements from all those distinct styles.

Inspired by multi-Grammy winning Country Western Legend “Uncle” Roger Miller, Kendrick and his drummer friend often jammed with Miller when he was passing through town during their high school years. This musical foundation can be heard throughout Kendrick’s music.

Texas Paintbrush, album 1 of the Texas Series, was supported by 70+ radio stations across North America.

Listen to What A Pretty Day from Texas Sagebrush below.

Connect with Ranzel X Kendrick on FB or his official website.



They’re not supposed to make records like this anymore. I thought musicians really didn’t care about Americana-styled roots music anymore. I thought that smart looks and reality television experience...

They’re not supposed to make records like this anymore. I thought musicians really didn’t care about Americana-styled roots music anymore. I thought that smart looks and reality television experience meant more on an artist’s resume. Who knew that a down to earth, no frills musical craftsman could still have the courage to record the songs in his head anymore. Ranzel X Kendrick is a musical rebel who would make the old time troubadours proud. His songs reek of honesty and authenticity. They are rallying cries for the common man and odes to acoustic guitars, life and girls, beautiful country landscapes and the sound of the inner spirit and the soul.

Ranzel X Kendrick’s passion for music started in grade school when multi-Grammy winner and Country Western legend “uncle” Roger Miller started giving tips on his songwriting. As a teen, Kendrick and his high school drummer buddy often jammed with Miller when he was in town.

Kendrick has since amassed a catalog of his own original songs. His latest release is “Texas Sagebrush”, the second of a 3-album “Texas Series” set, which started with “Texas Paintbrush” (2017) and will finish with the last in the series, “Texas Cactus”.

Ranzel X Kendrick brings the character, charisma and class of the legendary Americana musicians, during an era when most music is just some form of gussied-up, over-painted pop for angst filled teens. Here’s a guy who knows what he’s doing, and he’s not content to get locked into today’s formulas. His music is tight, but not slick. Traditional, but contemporary, and with the artist’s own stamp on it. It’s a genuine work of uncluttered, understated art.

While Kendrick’s outsider perspective makes him instantly distinctive among a series of glossy Nashville-styled clones, it’s not just the authenticity of his stripped down performances that makes his work superior to so many of his contemporaries.

Instead, it’s his exemplary songcraft. Kendrick can turn one hell of a phrase and spin a remarkable narrative, with just a voice and a guitar. On the album’s opening track, “Any Ole’ Song”, he outright explodes the genre’s clichéd tropes with an expertly crafted story.

But it has plenty of good company on the album. “What A Pretty Day” is a refreshing toe-tapping jam from Kendrick, as he is accompanied by a swift female voice. For an album, “Texas Sagebrush” is not trying too hard to make one grand statement, not screaming out its own importance. The concept isn’t overstated at all, rather moving forward subtly. The focus is on the songs themselves.

“Peace of Mind” has the artist questioning, searching and analyzing: “What you gonna do now, now that you’re free. What you gonna do now that you’re on your own. I don’t know what to find, maybe a little piece of mind.”

On the bittersweet but playful mid-tempo motif “Cry In My Tequila”, our protagonist sings about how he has already found the silver lining after suffering. That art of expressing sentiments that people can grasp, not reaching either too high or too low, is what makes Kendrick special.

Kendrick’s lyrics paint vivid scenes, which are probably representative of his worldview. The way he wraps up emotions inside images, be they happy or sad, brings each song into focus more vividly. Which is exactly what Kendrick achieves on “Gruene River” and “Private Miracle”.

By the time you hit play on “Trouble and Pain” and the elegant album closer, “The Fair Grass”, you realize that Ranzel X Kendrick may appear as a throwback but what he really aims for is timelessness, and he usually hits his mark.



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