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Name of Love & THIS Singles Side A & B - Reviews

Reviving the Americana genre with his latest music, Alias Wayne is back with another banger. The artist has released a brand new song that blends genres to create a unique new sound and surprised his fans along with critics. The latest track is called Name of Love’ and it is truly here to make all listeners fall in true love with the talented singer-songwriter and his discography.

The song is uniquely composed, and it not only carries the true essence of Americana music but blends other elements of genres like Blues, Rock, Folk, etc, all together. The soundtrack is currently streaming on Spotify.

The striking long riff and the Americana vibes are quick to appeal to the audience, yet it is the soul of the storytelling that impresses most of them. The artist has poured himself out on the songwriting and the song perfectly showcases his intent and feelings of love through the writing.

When it comes to the composition of ‘Name of Love’, the stomp of the rhythm complemented the subsequent soulful vocal of Alias Wayne perfectly, creating a rather mesmerizing vibe for the audience.

You can take the full vibe of his discography on Spotify where his newest single is streaming.

You can never quite be sure what to expect when you drop the needle on an Alias Wayne record, to use some old-school parlance. But you know it will be something well crafted, passionate, honest and pleasing to the ear. And so it is with his latest one, Name of Love, a song running on a soulful, Latin sway and via primal lyricism of an almost spiritual nature that reminds me so much of The Waterboy’s Mike Scott, which can only be a good thing.

Obviously, it’s a song about love, but nothing so cliche or small as the usual boy meets girl stories. This is love writ large, love as celebrated by the glory of nature, love as a universal concept, love as a divine force, a love that we have forgotten, the one that binds every one of us together, in which all answers lay, the sort of answers that might lead to a reconciliation of humanity, with itself, with each other, with the planet, with the universal oneness.

It’s sometimes humbling the power a simple song has over us.

Ranzel X Kendrick, who goes by the professional moniker Alias Wayne, which is also his alter ego prides himself on his versatility and authenticity. His omnivorous musical approach that allows him to incorporate various American music styles, including roots rock, blues, and jazz, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound, has arguably made him one of the most promising talents to keep an eye on.

His impressive music has been met with universal acclaim, with many critics hailing his genre experimentation, expansive scope in songwriting, and eclectic references that underscore the music’s far-reaching appeal.

“Name of Love” is his latest release, the B-side off his 2-sided single that also features the track “This.”

“Name of Love” is a heady marriage of guitar and bass-driven blues, rock, and jazz elements with nature-inspired sounds and scenes that are reflective of what the song is all about; — appreciating the role of nature in our lives!

Right from the opening notes, Alias Wayne comes off poetic, immediately capturing the expanse of sky and nature with his easily quotable lyrics and vividly painting the beautifully scenic sky that stretches before us, inundating not only our eyesight but also our hearts, body, mind, and soul with inexpressible warmth, joy, and happiness.

The drums, percussion, and backing female vocal harmonies add to the beauty, color, and depth of the song as Alias Wayne hails the existence of nature, reveling in its bloomy beauty, vivid hues, and golden sunlight while echoing the spirit of adventure.

"Name of Love" is more than just an enchanting song; it's an invitation to embrace nature with its profound wonders that make life worth living.


This tune is a mesmerizing reflection of Alias Wayne songwriting prowess that stretches far and wide, just as the sky, capturing the essence of the worldly and otherworldly.

A must-have in your playlist, do the necessary by following the attached link and if you don't mind, share the track with others as well.



Step into the captivating world of Alias Wayne with his latest single, Name of Love, now available on all major streaming platforms. This three-minute track pulses with energy at 114 bpm with a smooth soundscape from start to finish.

Kicking off with a stripped-back 30-second intro section, Name of Love sets the stage with its seamless blend of melodic strings, rhythmic percussion, foundational bass, funky guitar, and jazzy organ. Alias Wayne’s velvety vocals glide effortlessly over this rich instrumental backdrop, while stylistically layered backing vocals add depth and smooth harmonies throughout, enhancing the overall sound without overshadowing the lyricism.

A soulful outro section provides the perfect touch of dynamic diversity, ensuring that Name of Love captivates listeners from the first note to the last. By the time the track concludes, you’ll find yourself entranced by its hypnotic vibe and unforgettable melody, eager to press repeat for another listen.

Explore the multifaceted world of Alias Wayne and discover the rich blend of genres and influences that define his distinctive artistry. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to his music, Name of Love promises an unforgettable listening experience that resonates long after the final chord fades. Keep up to date with Alias Wayne’s musical journey by following him on social media for updates on upcoming releases and performance.

Alias Wayne, the alter ego of Ranzel X Kendrick, is back with a brand new single. Under this pseudonym, Ranzel explores a diverse range of musical styles and themes, continuing to captivate audiences with his unique sound and exceptional songwriting abilities. 

This multifaceted artist known for his genre-blending sound, has once again demonstrated his extraordinary songwriting prowess with the release of his new single, “Name of Love.” This latest track showcases his ability to create captivating melodies and engaging lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners.


“Name of Love” is a beautifully composed song that delves into the complexities of love and relationships. Alias Wayne’s unique ability to fuse elements of rock, folk, and alternative music shines through in this track, creating a rich tapestry of sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary. The single showcases his exceptional talent for storytelling, with lyrics that are both introspective and universally relatable.

From the very first note, “Name of Love” draws listeners in with its hauntingly beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics. Alias Wayne’s distinctive voice, filled with emotion and authenticity, adds a layer of depth to the song, making it an unforgettable listening experience. The track’s arrangement, featuring intricate guitar riffs and a steady rhythm section, perfectly complements the lyrical content, creating a harmonious balance that is characteristic of Alias Wayne’s music.

“Name of Love” is now available on all major streaming platforms, and it is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates well-crafted music that speaks to the heart. With this new single, Alias Wayne has once again proven his incredible talent as a songwriter and performer, and we can tell his future looks brighter than ever.

Alias Wayne – “Name Of Love” – Single Review

You know what I appreciate at this stage of my career, and/or listening to music in general?

I appreciate not really having to think about things at all.

Lemme explain.  As much as I try not to read what others are writing about music and whatnot, sometimes I get stuff that comes my way where it’s like, listen to so & so, they’ve got a new song – and that’ll be it.  No link, no artwork, no nothing – just hail marys to the music guy, and it happens all the time.  In those situations, where you have to look things up manually and do the work like some kind of stone age plebeian, things are gonna catch your eye when you’re looking through search results on your Google machine, trying to find what you need. 

There have been more than a few folks out there trying to bend themselves into a pretzel in effort to discuss the poetic aspects of Alias Wayne’s new single “Name Of Love” from what I’ve seen out there so far.  Yet upon pushing play over here?  I’m like yo – it’s the bass-lines in this song y’all.  I’ve got all kinds of love for his lyricism for sure, but it’s the bass-lines that had me reaching to turn up “Name Of Love” on that first spin through it, and every time since then.

Call it a reflex if you like.  I’m not sitting here trying to proclaim that I’m some kind of genius or anything like that – in fact, I feel like I can show you indisputable proof that I am nowhere close to being any kind of prophet or musical savant.  I’m just a guy, that listens to music, and writes about it – simple and plain.  Which brings me back to my initial comments – I appreciate not really having to think about things at all.  I hear a song with the undeniable smoothness, fluidity, and sheer cosmic-degree of seamlessness that something like “Name Of Love” has, and I don’t HAVE to think about a thing – I just turn it on UP, like a song like this deserves. 

It’s natural instinct – one that we ALL share, universally – we want to get closer to the source of happiness, and when it comes to listening to music, that means we play it loud & proud.  Why?  Because it makes us happy.  If you’re looking for some kind of scientific breakdown or some weird exploration into how the fundamentals of late 18th century poetry plays a role in paving the way for a song like “Name Of Love” to exist today, I beg of you, please keep on a-movin’ – because this ain’t that.

All I’m here to tell you today is that you’ll push play on “Name Of Love” by Alias Wayne and just know that what you’re experiencing is being felt by EVERY other person that listens to it, no matter how they choose to go about describing it.  Don’t get me wrong – I really DO dig the lyrics that he’s got added into “Name Of Love” when it comes right down to it…but let me pose a different reason than the rest as to WHY I like them as much as I do. 

For myself personally, I think it’s actually because I couldn’t tell you for a certainty whether Alias Wayne has painstakingly labored over each and every syllable, or if what we’re hearing is a genuine stream of consciousness that coincides with the music in a remarkably unified way.  I look at these words in the lyric video, and believe me, I’d be the first to tell ya that there’s a mighty good chance that Ranzel X Kendrick, the man behind the music of Alias Wayne, has indeed spent a great deal of time on them…the imagery is superb, the uniqueness is astonishing, the word selection and the spirit of his message are nothing short of brilliant.  My point is, the performance that he’s put into those same very words seems so flawlessly natural and inherently smooth, that it’s like he stepped up to the microphone and let the words come out without thinking about anything at all. 

I obviously mean this in the best of ways…if you’re reading me correctly, you know this is all really a comment on the extreme amount of professionalism an artist like this dude displays when it comes time to push record.  That’s not taking anything away from what could very well BE a stream of consciousness, uncontrived and unfiltered – all I’m saying is that when Ranzel knows it’s time to do his thang, he’s ready to answer the call.  I’m saying that the percussion, the guitars, the bass, the vocals, the demeanor, the mood, the lyrics, the cadence of his voice…all of this stuff combined is a stellar example of how certain moments are really just meant to be, and that’s really all there is to it.  No one has to think about something that sounds like “Name Of Love” when it comes right down to it, because it instantly connects to ALL of us.

Of course, I’d be remiss and irresponsible to not recommend that you DO have a good look and listen to the lyrics he’s added into this new single, because they’re fantastic, insightful, poetic, and they’ve got real imagination, attitude, and tangible FLAVOR to’em, you feel me?  He’s undoubtedly written some powerfully moving imagery and a wonderfully expressive song here.  All I’m gettin’ at is that you don’t need to be any kind of scholar to appreciate how damn good a song like “Name Of Love” is – you’ll feel it from the moment you listen, and you’ll know in the fabric of your DNA that what you’re hearing is special on a different level than what you experience in the majority of songs you’ve been listening to.

Alias Wayne gets a massive nod of approval from me when it comes to this tune – the execution of the entire song is outright exceptional by every measure, and it’s one of the easiest songs to like and/or love that I’ve personally heard this year by a longshot.  I’m every bit as confident in YOU loving this track just as much as I do, or even as much as Ranzel does himself…because that’s what universal sound is really all about folks.  You don’t have to think about it, not one bit, not at all…you just feel it, and you know.  This is one of the best we’ve heard from the man to-date.

Find out more about Alias Wayne from the official website of Ranzel X Kendrick at: 

Unpacking the Poetic Imagery in Alias Wayne’s ‘Name Of Love’

June 18, 2024

Alias Wayne, the gifted Texan son of ranch-family parents, has carved an indelible mark on the Americana music scene with his deeply evocative and soulful compositions. Also known as Ranzel X Kendrick, Wayne’s journey into the world of music was heavily influenced by his “uncle,” the multi-Grammy-winning Country & Western legend Roger Miller. This mentorship started in his formative years, with Miller offering invaluable songwriting tips that shaped Wayne’s burgeoning talent. By his teenage years, Wayne was not only absorbing these lessons but also actively jamming with Miller and his high school drummer friend, solidifying his passion and skill.

Over the years, Alias Wayne has developed a diverse catalog of original songs, each showcasing a range of production styles. From the intimacy of solo guitar and vocal arrangements to the complexity of fully layered instrumentation, his music embodies a rich variety of textures and moods. This versatility is prominently displayed in his latest 2-track EP, “This,” which stands as a testament to his Texas-Americana prowess.

The single “Name Of Love,” taken from “This,” is a shining example of Alias Wayne’s artistic finesse. Wayne who masterfully intertwines slick percussive rhythms, chunky guitars, warm keys, and velvety vocals, always creates an intoxicating and soothing auditory experience. The mid-tempo, groove-driven rhythm forms the backbone of “Name Of Love,” supporting shimmering keys and gently resonating guitars. Wayne’s vocals, unhurried yet persuasive, weave through the arrangement, while counter-harmonies add depth and texture, enhancing the song’s captivating appeal.

Name Of Love” transcends mere entertainment; it establishes a vibe that influences a mindset. This mid-tempo masterpiece is a deeply evocative and poetic exploration that blends the introspective qualities of Indie and alternative Folk (Alt-Indie) with the rich storytelling tradition of Americana. The lyrics transport listeners to the natural world, intertwining themes of spirituality, love, and inner peace.

The song opens with a panoramic view of the sky, employing rich visual imagery. The “multicolored majesty” of “magenta and wine” evokes awe and wonder, capturing the sky’s vastness and beauty. The description of the sky as “as wide as a time” links the physical with the temporal, suggesting the timeless nature of love. The recurring refrain, “In the name of love / In the name of love,” serves as a thematic anchor, underscoring the narrator’s profound sense of love-driven purpose. This line resonates as both a mission and a guiding principle.

In the middle verse, the narrator positions himself as a conduit between the divine and the earthly. Speaking to “angels assigned to every nation” implies a universal, almost prophetic role, while “whispering in the ear of nature” suggests an intimate connection with the world. This blend of spiritual and natural imagery reinforces the song’s mystical and reverent tone.

Alias Wayne’s lyrical mastery shines in passages like, “The mood lies upon the waters / Like a floating mist of thin white cotton / Vaporizing in the night.” Here, he captures a serene, almost otherworldly atmosphere. The delicate imagery of “floating mist of thin white cotton” emphasizes the transient and elusive nature of the mood, enhanced by the introspective night setting.

A personal, grounded element emerges as Wayne sings, “I’m not afraid to stand and fight / But I think I’d rather just play guitar.” This shift reveals the narrator’s willingness to confront challenges, but with a preference for peace and creativity, embodied by playing the guitar. This reference to ties the song back to its origins, emphasizing themes of simplicity, authenticity, and personal expression. The song’s latter part reaffirms the central theme with the repeated invocation “In the name of Love,” uniting the various elements and images presented throughout the lyrics. This repetition serves as a reminder of the narrator’s guiding principle and purpose.

“Name Of Love” by Alias Wayne is a richly layered composition that combines vivid imagery with profound spiritual and emotional themes. Its interplay between nature, spirituality, and personal reflection creates a tapestry of meaning, inviting listeners to explore their own connections to love and the world around them. Grounded in Americana tradition yet enriched with universal themes and poetic language, “Name Of Love” possesses a timeless quality that resonates deeply with audiences, marking Alias Wayne as a masterful storyteller and musician.



Alias Wayne has released a new track: “Name of Love.”


Alias Wayne is a truly innovative and passionate artist who always looks for ways to combine genuine songwriting with new musical ideas. His most recent release, Name of Love, stands out as a testament to his musical evolution through the years, marking his ability to relate to the audience with intuitive songwriting, while also providing music that’s entertaining and compelling.

Name of Love is an Americana song at its core, but Alias Wayne is able to infuse the genre with a whole different personality, especially tapping into his fondness for chill vibes and smooth sounds. The groove of the song’s key rhythm has a 70s flavor to it, but there is also a modern component to the mix, which especially shines through in terms of balance and dynamics.

Alias Wayne did a fantastic job at putting together a solid arrangement that goes straight to the point without unnecessary frills, while also keeping things exciting and on-point from the moment you hit the play button. The song is so warm and spontaneous that it is almost reminiscent of that unique electrifying vibe that musicians and fans can experience at jam sessions, where every musician really seem to click!

Find out more about Alias Wayne, and check out Name of Love, which is currently available on some of the best streaming services out there.

Alias Wayne is a talented singer/songwriter that blends together various musical genres and elements in harmonious fashion. With Texas roots and Americana mixed with shades of pop, jazz and world music, Alias Wayne refuses to be boxed into a specific category. “Name of Love” is a perfect example of Wayne’s eclectic nature as he proves that music transcends conventional boundaries.

Alias Wayne is also known as Ranzel X Kendrick and he explores a wide variety of textures and tones on the new single. As soon as you hit play, a free-flowing, majestic sound surrounds you and instantly pulls you in. “Name of Love” gives off such a comforting presence and welcoming vibe. Overall, a calming sensation rushes over the listener as “Name of Love” plays on. This song will ease your mind and satisfy your soul because it’s all in the key of love.

Alias Wayne is one solid storyteller and a gifted lyricist that certainly brought his A game on this new release. “Name of Love” will capture your imagination and provide you with one enjoyable listening experience. Alias Wayne’s creativity shines through as a composer and arranger on “Name of Love”. Weaving through the song with such style and ease, Alias performs it all in the “Name of Love”. Love is the basis of everything we know and is the dominant theme on this recent single. Without love, there is no foundation and “Name of Love” is built to last with no audible cracks. Music is a universal language and “Name of Love” is universally accepted as a complete composition. Alias Wayne has got heart and soul and he pours everything he has to offer on “Name of Love”.

               A chilled-out, jazz-rock fusion gives Alias Wayne’s “Name of Love” a soothing, laid-back tropical flavor. With an undeniable fondness for War’s mid-70s groove-centric work placed alongside glimmering melodies, the song is a heady brew of influence. His voice feels virtually sculpted to accompany the mellow sound perfectly. The lyrics go for poetry, with the dreamy demeanor reflected in the word choice, giving it that additional heft. Instrumentally, he embraces the classic sound, from how the organ swells to the percussion that gives it intimacy. Even the backup singers feel inspired, adding to the general mood.

               The vamp that introduces the track feels gracious. His voice helps solidify things, but the percussion is held back, at least initially. From that first moment, the rest of the atmosphere falls into place. Going for a sense of suspended disbelief, the song comes into full bloom. Despite minimalism, much delicacy is taken with developing the groove. The fidelity adds to the understanding of the song's space, with his ability to reflect upon the ins and outs of relationships to feel exquisite. By the time he reaches the final stretch, the song lets loose with a polite jam, lending the backup chorus the right amount of care as it comes to a joyous conclusion.

               “Name of Love” embraces an affectionate stance, with Alias Wayne embracing a wide variety of colors that enter the sound like light entering a prism, constantly changing while retaining that inherent peacefulness.


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