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Ms Mystery - Album Reviews

For several years, the American songwriter and musician as well as singer Ranzel X Kendrick has stood for musical quality between handmade folk, acoustic and also country. In addition to being published under this name, his alter ego is also known in German-speaking Europe: Alias Wayne.


He has always convinced with musical quality, which is not only characterized by his songwriting, but also tells fantastic stories that are served to his audience vocally by Ranzel X Kendrick. The fantastic releases such as Love On Another, Love Child or Gimme What It's Worth are now followed by Ms. Mystery, a new work from his pen, which, as said before, joins the unbelievably fantastic ones by the American songwriter.


In fact, Ranzel X welcomes Kendrick aka. Alias Wayne here with a catchy score of steel guitars and warm basses and delivers again rousing riffing on which after this short introduction a slightly rocking score follows at medium tempo, on which the good man not only uses his instrumental skills and his compositional talents with dexterity presented, but once again proffered a songwriting that gets under your skin.


Ranzel X Kendrick aka. Alias Wayne delivers a message of closeness that gets under your skin and captivates the local listener. Melody sequences and vocal harmonies, which stick directly in the memory of the lover of handmade music, are no longer a big surprise in the case of Alias Wayne, as he again presents a fantastic number that underpins his talent. Lovers of handmade folk, country and singer & songwriter artistry should definitely predate Friday July 4th when Alias Wayne's Ms. Mystery will be available widely.


Conclusion 10 out of 10: Folk meets singer & songwriter and (acoustic) rock in the usual high quality!

You might think “Ms Mystery” is just another song about an enigmatic girl. And you’d probably at least be half right. This acoustic track is, indeed, about a kind of girl. However, when Alias Wayne sings about ‘mystery Babylon,’ it’s immediately clear there is much more going on. This is also a song that references Biblical prophecy. It’s not your typical girl, then, and it’s also not your typical pop song.

The track is built around an acoustic guitar part, which is a series of jazzy chords. Alias Wayne begins by saying what he sees should be obvious. Then again, if what he sees is truly obvious, it wouldn’t be a mystery, right? It’s not just another time in history, Alias Wayne states while alluding to politics and world affairs.

He’s drawn inspiration from Revelation 17 in the Bible, where in verse five it mentions “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. She is also known as the Whore of Babylon, a symbolic figure and place of evil. This ‘whore’ is also sometimes translated to mean idolatress. She/it is an end times symbol in Christian eschatology.

For Alias Wayne’s song, one gets the gist that he’s using this Biblical figure to represent the widespread evil in today’s world. You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar to notice how dark the world can be at times. In fact, one could sing a song like this one in just about every period of human existence. However, Christians believe this end of the world scenario will be the very worst time in history.

Somewhat ironically, Alias Wayne sings his song in a slightly offhanded manner. His vocal is relaxed and comfortable sounding. He doesn’t come off panicked or particularly urgent. Instead, he sounds more like a man that is pointing out the obvious. In addition to his guitar-based instrumental track, Alias Wayne is backed by soulful female backing vocals. This gives the track a bit of a classic rock feel, as well. In a sense, it’s a little like a sister song to The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” That song, you may recall, paints a similar picture of evil. In it, though, it’s more of a Madison Avenue marketing campaign for Satan. He is described as a man of wealth and taste, and not some red horned figure. In fact, it’s probably more of an honest portrait of the devil than is often presented to us. He is, the Bible tells us, and angel of light, so he’s likely more of a good-looking guy, rather than the ugly one many times seen in movies.

This is a song that may just sneak up on you. It has the sound of a relaxed tune. Sometimes, though, songwriters will put their most serious messages in seemingly innocent musical settings. Such is the case here. Alias Wayne is not shouting, ‘Beware of evil!’ He is, nevertheless, singing about the really bad stuff in the world today. It’s unclear if he is a Bible prophecy student, or if he’s just using this Biblical information to make his point. The bottom line is that his point is well made.

-Dan MacIntosh

Music always has the charm to create a sort of enigma around the melodious fields, and this incredible singer and music artist Alias Wayne knows his ways to create this highly engaging charm for his releases. His works are thoroughly enjoyable and highly captivating; his upcoming release ‘Ms Mystery’ is also one of his blissful releases that have the power to create a sort of unleashing effects. The gravity of the number backed by the magical power of Wayne has made a treat for all music lovers. The grooving sound and the audacious elements of the song are truly appreciation-worthy.

Prolific Musician and songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick also known as Alias Wayne is one of the most highly talented artists who has sharpened his musical skill so well that now each of his releases is completely engulfing. His career has offered incredible releases like ‘Love On Another’, ‘Gimme What It’s Worth’, ‘Happy B-day 2u’, ‘Chaperon’, ‘Love Child’, and many more. His latest release ‘Fubar’ is one of his incredible releases. He soon is going to release his forthcoming track ‘Ms Mystery’.

Hughes Nelson

July 1, 2023

Alias Wayne – The Musical Maestro: Blending Free-Spirited Creativity and Wholesome Lyricism

Don't miss this stunning musical treat that brims with wholesome lyricism and artistic brilliance.


The newest single “Ms Mystery” from the gifted artist Alias Wayne is yet another testament to his unconventional artistry and creativity in music. Unleashing his avant-garde melodies with powerful ease, he effortlessly transports his listeners into an enigmatic realm of sound. The single is a captivating blend of innovative guitar work and compelling lyrics that are both evocative and relatable. His unorthodox approach to music and bold originality is what truly sets him apart. The free-spirited nature of his compositions reflects the artist’s own personality, rendering a genuine authenticity to his work. 

Building on the legacy of his previous work, Alias Wayne consistently provides his listeners with an experience that transcends the confines of ordinary music. His earlier compositions have set a solid foundation, marked by innovative songwriting and impeccable craftsmanship. Each song he releases adds a unique chapter to his musical journey, offering listeners a deeper insight into his creative process and personal world. This ability to transform personal experiences into universal emotions through his music allows him to establish a unique connection with his audience. The rawness and authenticity in his work have continuously resonated with listeners, marking him as a true visionary in the music landscape. His music is not just a collection of songs, but a holistic experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Don’t miss this stunning musical treat that brims with wholesome lyricism and artistic brilliance.




Back with another cool slice of rootsy, acoustic rock, Ms Mystery, like pretty much everything that Alias Wayne does, is hard to pin down generically. Wandering between folky restraint and rock muscle, southern cool and soulful sophistication, it’s a restless and remarkable song. But who needs genres? They only hold things back.

Thankfully, Alias Wayne has always been open to such notions, drawing on all manner of sounds and styles to create his own broad and adventurous sonic signature. And here, that is evident. Wandering rootsy roads and soulful byways, blending melody and muscle, raw edges with smooth harmonies, it is a song that once again proves that you can use the tried and tested genres and styles as building blocks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put them together in new ways to build glorious new sonic architecture. Or put another way, it ain’t what you do; it’s how you do it.


 Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing melodies and soul-stirring lyrics of “Ms Mystery” by Alias Wayne. This enchanting song takes listeners on a journey through a world of musical brilliance, where every note resonates with passion and emotion.Alias Wayne has truly outdone himself with this masterpiece. From the very first chord, you are transported into a realm where music becomes a language of its own, speaking directly to your heart. The track is warm and enlivened by a scrumptious blend of acoustic instrumentation, such as guitar, vivid bass lines, and crisp drumming. The hauntingly beautiful vocals effortlessly glide over the carefully crafted instrumentation, creating an atmosphere that is both ethereal and captivating, reminiscent of the early-70s sound in a post-modern haze.Ms Mystery is a true mystery and perhaps as personification of of today’s mood and concern about the future of humanity. It’s as if Alias Wayne has tapped into the deepest corners of our souls, weaving together a tapestry of longing, desire, and introspection. Each verse unfolds like a poetic revelation, painting vivid imagery in our minds and leaving us yearning for more.The production quality of this song is impeccable. Every instrument shines through with clarity and precision, creating a harmonious blend that is both melodic and powerful. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the composition – from the intricate guitar riffs to the subtle nuances in the percussion.Alias Wayne’s talent shines brightly in Ms Mystery. Their ability to create music that resonates with such depth and authenticity is truly remarkable. This song serves as a testament to their artistry and leaves us eagerly anticipating what they will bring forth next.In conclusion, “Ms Mystery” by Alias Wayne is an absolute gem that deserves recognition on every music lover’s playlist. It’s an intoxicating blend of soulful vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics that will leave you spellbound from start to finish. Brace yourself for an unforgettable musical experience unlike any other – Alias Wayne has arrived with a force that cannot be ignored.


Alias Wayne is the music alias of singer/songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick. We have previously listened to several songs from Kendrick, both under his real name and as Alias Wayne, most recently the Alias song “Love One Another” and today we are back to share the results of our advance listen to the latest Alias Wayne track, “Ms Mystery”!

Aptly named, “Ms Mystery” captures a certain mysterious aura, providing an air of intrigue that will keep you engaged throughout its entire four minute and thirty-nine second runtime. A tight, compact instrumental provides an enjoyable listening experience, setting the table perfectly with both the male and female vocal performances to shine extremely bright. I also found myself digging the lyrics in this song quite a bit and I found the overall melodic structure of the song made the delivery of the lyrics - the song’s full meaning - quite easy to digest.

I continue to be impressed by the work that Ranzel X Kendrick puts in as as Alias Wayne and I think you all will love this song a lot.

You can keep up with what Ranzel X Kendrick/Alias Wayne is doing through his website and Facebook. “Ms Mystery” is due for release on July 4, 2023 - in the meantime, check out Alias Wayne’s top Spotify tracks embedded below!


 Alias Wayne Presents New Single "Ms Mystery"

The latest release from Ranzel K. Kendrick under the moniker Alias Wayne

continues Kendrick’s long tradition of pursuing traditional music with a

personalized twist. “Ms. Mystery” opens with a tasty mix of blues

acoustic guitar motifs that go much further than most illustrious Delta

blues predecessors or their ilk. Electric guitar soon finds its way into

the musical framework and the expert weaving of the arrangement’s

disparate elements into an overall whole creates an immediate mood.

Kendrick’s confidence is audible. He’s creating a musical world that

immediately draws listeners in.


The vocals seal the deal. Kendrick has an one of a kind voice that

blends assorted influences with the same personalized stamp as the

music. There’s a smoky ambiance in his approach without ever straining

for effect. His lyrics are evocative without ever being painfully

specific. His command of pseudo-Biblical language and symbolism sets him

apart from his peers and contemporaries alike. Kendrick’s vocal phrasing

adds reams of meaning to the performance.


The addition of a backing female vocalist further enhances the

experience. Using this secondary singer isn’t overstated and instead

adds a further soulful quality to the performance. Kendrick likewise

tailors the song’s length to maximize the song’s impact. It’s the mark

of superior songwriting and his veteran outlook. Kendrick comes across

as a musical artist at the peak of his considerable powers. The

production is a similar thing framing the song in the best sonic light.


Kendrick has been steadily building a legacy along the fringes of

popular music. Nephew of the great Roger Miller, performer of the iconic

classic “King of the Road” among countless others, Kendrick is no

stranger to the needed artistry to create timeless tunes. “Ms. Mystery”

consciously, but never pretentiously, reaches for that timelessness and

succeeds on all counts. Despite the imagery laden throughout his lyrics,

they are accessible for any intelligent and devoted music fan.


We need music such as this more than ever in our modern world.

Kendrick’s “Ms. Mystery” is rife with dynamic instrumentation, more than

a spark of inspiration, and a willingness to meet the listener head on.

He never panders with cliched turns, either musically or lyrically. It’s

vibrant. He has a sure hand for knowing how to end a song as well. “Ms.

Mystery” comes to a compelling conclusion with the way it seemingly

unravels into the ether, smacking of the same mysteries that he refers

to throughout the composition.


This prolific artist will be with us, under whatever guise, for many

years to come. His homegrown brand of authenticity shows no signs of

wear and he’s willing to attempt breaking new ground with each new

recording. You can’t help but have confidence in such a performer and





Released on July 4th, 2023, Alias Wayne's "Ms Mystery" embodies all you might imagine when it comes to the light, relaxed feel of what life must be like for the Texan-turned-Costa Rican singer songwriter. 

The native of Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio, headed south of the border (way south) and has continued writing and recording. And this release has thus far exploded like a musical firework, debuting at #13 on the NACC USA-CANADA Radio Chart. Not a bad way to celebrate his birthday (July 3rd) set against the beaches and rain forests. 


The song itself is a groovy mid-tempo number featuring accompaniment from some soulful female vocals and backed by layers of Knopfler-esque rhythm guitar. Topically, Alias Wayne touches on politics, history, and cultural nuance. You get from his voice that he's become an interested observer of what's going on around the world--concerned but not worried--doing his part to express his thoughts and feelings stopping just shy of getting caught up in it all.

Keep an eye out on Alias Wayne's Spotify for "Ms Mystery" to drop soon. And keep up with all things Alias Wayne at



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